We Live in Crazy Times with Crazy People – Epi-3177 — 4 Comments

  1. It just occurred to me that maybe the word ‘Left’ has been poisoned and transformed to now have a completely different meaning than it had 100 years ago.

    As far as I know the word ‘left’ originally referred to (1) the more disadvantaged groups in society (who had the least resources, worst education, pay, working conditions, housing etc).
    (Analogy being that a person ‘left hand is normally weeker than their right hand).

    The modern meaning of ‘left’ (2) refers to control & restrictions on people’s freedoms & choices by governments & corporations etc (i.e woke culture)

    I see (1) as having a completely different meaning & agenda than (b).

    However, most modern speakers in mainstream media conviently try to present (1) & (2) as being a mix of the same thing.
    I think their agenda being to use (2) to try to deviously convince everyone that (1) has vanished in modern times.

    • So left and right were NEVER and will NEVER be about anything but division and dichotomy they only mean anything in the confines of the false authority of a state.

      I defy anyone to explain to me how any position is left OR right in absence of a state.

      The entire dichotomy is not and has always been bullshit. I explained all of this in this episode.

      Left and right positions are illusions and illusions that con only exist as long as force by proxy is utilized to prop up the illusion.

      I have made this challenge hundreds if not thousands of times. All anyone ever does is attempt to talk around it.

  2. Here is another explanation for the pipeline incident – methane hydrates and Russian maintenance or lack of it. Initially I just assumed that it was the US, but the guy in this link points out the facts about natural gas pipelines,
    Note that once you turn them off, filled with methane, they become bombs ready to go off. They are not easily brought back on line because it takes a long time to clear the hydrates.