The Matrix is Crashing – Prepare Now – Episode – 3027- The Survival Podcast — 13 Comments

  1. With truckers (and farmers and etc…) going to the capital. Is it a sign that the hill people are getting fed up with the valley peoples BS. Fly over country is tired of the shit.

  2. The US convoy will definitely lead to some localized clusterfucks for a week or so but the wider trucker revolt seems highly unlikely. Media blackout? Nah. I’ve seen a few mentions of it in the corporate press but it just isn’t that big of a story yet. When/if they do cover it more the angle will be exactly what you described, nonsense about right wing fringe white supremacists.

    For some reason people watch storm coverage so that’s what they give us. Cable news is entertainment more than anything, rarely journalism. They have too many hours to fill and a widespread weather event is easy and cheap content that gets views. “Bomb cyclone” is a real meteorological term but it’s perfect for cable news producers because it sounds hella hypey. They do it every winter, often a few times…snowpocalypse, snowmaggedon, snowzilla, etc.

    My prediction: no major trucker revolt, gas won’t double (maybe a 20% jump) and store inventories aren’t going to get much worse than they already have been. Either way, it doesn’t really matter what happens. Being prepared for this scenario will work just as well for that big snow storm that is hitting my place tomorrow (I’m excited for it, not concerned at all) and much worse events.

  3. The lack of media coverage is in itself a story, had this been a demonstration for climate change in Missoula Montana with 18 people it would be a headline story. But what I find curious is that YouTube, of all places, has scores of Canadian trucker mandate protest videos, streaming and posted. And these are by the truckers, not about them, so it is their point of view and not the establishment’s take. Is YouTube favoring the truckers?

  4. The Guardian in the UK had an article on it

    “The convoy, which left Vancouver earlier this week, has more than 275,000 supporters on Facebook, nearly 40,000 supporters on the encrypted messaging app Telegram”

    (I am sure facebook also claim Whatsapp is encrypted??

    “and has raised C$5.5m (US$4.3m) from 70,000 donations on GoFundMe.

    GoFundMe announced earlier this week it had frozen the funds until it could determine with the organizers how the money would be disbursed. One former intelligence analyst said the “speed and anonymity” of the donations has raised red flags.

    “It’s not really clear to me how many of those supporters donating online are actually even Canadian. A lot of the donations have been made anonymously and there’s very clearly some activity from foreign countries,” said Jessica Davis, a former intelligence analyst for the Canadian government and head of Insight Threat Intelligence.”

    They don’t like people hearing about this and wanting to show their support.

  5. This is how it will end: Trudeau will vow not to surrender to the trucker convoy but will end the mandates because “evolving science” has proven that mandates were effective and have run their course and are no longer necessary. Protestors however will be severely punished, unless they are BLM.

  6. On having a 90 supply of food is there a good list to reference? Id like to check against what I currently have to see what I might need to build up?

  7. So, the US convoy happened and many truckers are still hanging out in Maryland and cruising around the DC beltway occasionally. But it seems to not be having much of an effect so far. Is something bigger coming out of it or has the enthusiasm fizzled out?