Episode-2623- CoVid Solutions and Gauging Future Opportunities — 13 Comments

  1. My youngest works for GM. She works in IT and has been working from home just over a week.  End of last week they announced shutting down factories, today they talked about using factories to make much needed ventilators.  I bet other companies are doing similar stuff.  Why not make something needed now and have income and good will for your business vs total shut down.

  2. Hi Jack, Do you have links for the green tea extract and zinc you recommend or is one brand as good as the next? I searched TSPZ and could only find the Liquinox 3032 Iron Zinc Chelated Solution you recommended for our gardens. That does wonders for my zucchini but it’s probably not a healthy thing to drink. 😉

    • Right now just look for quality and get what you can.

      Also I will not be linking to specific products for CoVid at this time.  Amazon has been clear anyone that LOOKS LIKE they may be selling something to help with CoVid that conflicts with FDA information can have their account terminated.  I don’t even know exactly what they consider that to be, so I can only say, here is the info, make your own choice and indeed look beyond Amazon.  Zinc is hard to get right now, Quercetin somewhat hard and green tea pretty easy.

  3. Regarding ECGC (green tea extract)…

    If at all possible, I definitely recommend people take it in some form of capsule rather than being tempted to buy the bulk powder.  It tastes terrible!  I’ve taken it for years for the general health benefits, and tried bulk powder once due to lower cost, what a mistake.

    Does it work?  Can’t say for sure but I’ve traveled the world (5Mill+ airline miles and ~6yrs of hotel nights over the years) including sketchy places during SARS and H1N1 and the worst I’ve had was the sniffles.  I never considered the anti-viral angle of EGCG until now.

    Also regarding Zinc availability, these are part of my regular daily supplement routine and contain zinc in highly bioavailable forms.  Of the three, the multi-vitamin seems to be the most readily in stock at Amazon.



    Prostate health, just for dudes I guess…

    Between the EGCG and other supps, it looks like I’ve been on the anti-viral combo for years without realizing it.



  4. Jack, I really liked your theory on the purpose of a virus.  I think you would be interested in what Dr. Cowan’s hypothesis on viruses are and I would love to hear your thoughts on the video below.  It is only 10 minutes.

    Also quercetin is pronounced kwer-se-tin.

    • For some reason the link is not showing on the site but it did show in the email alert about the comment. Went to watch it, saw “caused by 5G” sorry done, no way, no time for such things.

  5. What about Zinc Picolinate?  Supposed to help absorption into the body… I’m about to pull the trigger on it

    Also, many of the Quercetin is paired with Bromelain – do you have any opinion on Bromalain when using as you suggested?

  6. Jack,

    What if viruses are the white blood cells of the planet? So the planet doesn’t want us to live as long or in an area that is extremely population-dense?


    • Or in a way, or with a specific behavior, or at a specific reproduction rate, etc, etc, etc, etc,


    People aren’t ignorant or dumb they are brainwashed and the system is always going to be doing this of putting out wrong information. People can’t conncect the dots. There is no way that such things can be so far off and not be attributed to a conspiracy of sorts