Episode-2686- Time for the CoVid Hysteria to End — 24 Comments

    • If you are referring to the last part of the show and the song, I think you misunderstood. This was not me saying TSP was done, it was me speaking about how many times naysayers have told me that. I thought I was clear about that?

      I’ve been told “TSP is dead”, “this is the end of TSP”, hundreds of times over the years. A bunch lately, this was a simple message, a real sarcastic, “oh, okay, because you say so”. Fricken TSP has died more times in the minds of critics then bitcoin has.

  1. Uh, I hit rewind a few times just before the song…. “Echo chamber…. naysayers… this is the end of TSP.” Been following since 2013. MSB member. That was an alarming comment. Then the song about meeting the love of your life…. right after time away. I have often went on vacation and the time away helped me clarify my direction. If TSP is dead, I have no fear that Jack has found a way to impact people at the next level. Does it involve a flag with a goose? 🙂

    • I think you misunderstood, this was not me saying TSP was done, it was me speaking about how many times naysayers have told me that. I thought I was clear about that?

      I’ve been told “TSP is dead”, “this is the end of TSP”, hundreds of times over the years. A bunch lately, this was a simple message, a real sarcastic, “oh, okay, because you say so”. Fricken TSP has died more times in the minds of critics then bitcoin has.

  2. Hi Jack,

    Great show.  For people who cannot take Azithromycin, I would have them ask about their health care provider about Doxycycline instead of Azithromycin. It is a good alternative. Doxycycline is taken at 100mg twice a day for 10 days.   Wear sunscreen while taking it.

    Also I would like to point out not all N-95 respirators have valves- pre COVID19 the valve masks were not allowed in the hospitals.  We currently try to make sure there are no valves in the masks, but with the PPE shortage shortage, we have to use them.

    Thank you for inspiring me with the stomps.
    JH- Frontline COVID Provider

  3. I cannot find where Covid-19 is no longer considered a pandemic nor even a epidemic. I have searched the WHO website and cannot find it. I would love to be able to show this fact to my family. They are damn near impossible to live with. Thank you

  4. Many n95 masks do not have the exhalation valve. Generally those with the valve are used in industrial or construction applications, while those intended for preventing disease transmission do not have them. I see tons of people wearing the type with the valves, though, probably thinking they’re “doing the right thing.” Tons of ads for them online too.

    • Almost everyone wearing N95s in public is wearing the ones with valves.

      • I agree with the valve theory that Jack has, I also agree with Ryan as the ones for health care generally do not.  And I can see where the general public would run down to a box store and buy the ones with valves.  Here is one additional thought for Jack, which actually backs up your point.  N-95s, to achieve the proper spec for filtering MUST be fit tested to make sure it makes a good seal on the face.  Just thoughts from someone who works in the area of Public Health Preparedness for a day job.  Thanks for your outlook Jack.

  5. I’ve tried to follow COVID coverage here in California, but have also seen various articles and videos from other areas. What I found most bizarre was the subject of COVID deaths. When things flared up in New York there was a huge call for “more ventilators.” Ventilators are dangerous! A person is drugged into a total stupor before being put on a ventilator, and those drugs alone are dangerous to stay on. The usual time on a ventilator to help someone with pneumonia is just a few days. These guys were being put on for over a week. In effect, they were being killed. Emergency physicians started realizing this was the wrong thing to do with these patients, and began to speak out. Where alternate therapies were possible, deaths were often totally avoided. Hyperbaric oxygen. The “MATH+ ” protocol. They were very effective. Doctors who really knew what they were doing were trying to avoid using ventilators at all costs, and they were right. So, those early death rates were partly due to doctor incompetence. Some of those early deaths were quite tragic. But my real point is: The mainstream coverage never included data about different treatments. When they did, it was usually in mocking tones (like about HCQ). It was an important factor that they almost totally ignored. I still have no clue how hospitals in California are treating COVID patients, and that scares me, because I am 65 and could in theory get sick some day.

    On masks: I have seen N95s both with and without valves. I used to wear them all the time when I was helping out up in Redding. The valveless N95s are hard to breath through. The valve allows you to breath out easily, without fogging glasses. Thus, that kind is useless to protect others from whatever you might breath out. They aren’t even completely effective with smoke, but they help. I wear a manufactured cloth mask, and I hate it, but it’s required. Now it’s considered very bad manners in the city to go out and ride a bus or go into a shop without one. For me: Hysteria is the best word to use for this.

    I have run into only one person who is totally psychotic on this subject. He has some sort of immune deficiency and is really afraid he’s going to get sick and die. Well, that’s a shame, but should I let that guy run MY life? The hysterical reaction that can make a well person sick or more prone to illness is real.

    The people who are controlling media content are probably aware of this. I have a very low opinion of them now, and it was never very good. When I was young I thought the media was kinda cool. They brought the Vietnam War up close and personal right into my living room. Probably helped end that war. So, they don’t do stuff like that any more. They leave it to the movies where there’s plenty of plausible deniability.

  6. Well, I am a doctor and allowed to give medical advice, so thought I’d share the what I’ve been recommending to my patients with Covid or just concerned and wanting to prevent it.  It’s mostly taken from the EVMS protocol with a few tweaks and a lot similar to yours.  From what I’ve read, quercetin is actually a more effective zinc ionophore than green tea extract, so the green tea probably isn’t hurting but not actually necessary.  Long term zinc supplementation can also cause copper deficiency, so adding a copper supplement is advised.  Melatonin is also a good addition as it is an immune modulator, downregulating IL-6 among other things, high levels of which have been seen in severe hospitalized Covid cases.  N-acetylcysteine also is a strong antioxidant and it’s it theorized it may help prevent the hypercoagulability cascade.  One study also found that people already taking famotidine for acid reflux had half the mortality of the ones taking its main competitor, omeprazole, so it’s in the category of might help and shouldn’t hurt for me. B-vitamins, etc. probably don’t hurt, but I didn’t want to make it more than most people would be willing to keep up with.


    Prophylaxis (prevention)


    Vitamin C 500 mg twice daily

    Quercetin 250-500 mg twice daily

    Zinc 75-100 mg daily (acetate, gluconate, or picolinate). Zinc lozenges are preferred. After 1 month, reduce the dose to 30-45 mg daily. Additional supplementation with 2 mg copper with every 15 mg zinc is recommended if taking zinc long term (over 1 month).

    Melatonin (slow release): Begin with 0.3 mg and increase as tolerated to 2 mg 1 hour before bedtime.

    Vitamin D3 1000-4000 IU daily. It is recommended to have a lab test to check your Vitamin D3 levels before taking long term (over 1 month).

    Take all supplements except melatonin with food.



    Symptomatic (fever, chills, sore throat, body aches, cough, shortness of breath, diarrhea, loss of taste/smell)


    Vitamin C 1000 mg twice daily

    Quercetin 250-500 mg twice daily

    Zinc 75-100 mg daily (acetate, gluconate, or picolinate). Zinc lozenges are preferred.

    Melatonin (slow release): 6-12 mg 1 hour before bedtime (the optimal dose is unknown)

    Vitamin D3 2000-4000 IU daily. It is recommended to have a lab test to check your Vitamin D3 levels before taking long term (over 1 month).

    N-acetylcysteine 600 mg twice daily

    Famotidine (Pepcid) 20-40 mg once daily

    Take all supplements except melatonin with food.

    • I will mention the copper from now on, but I always say include a good multi.  Didn’t know about the contraindication on that though so thanks.

    • You, Matthew Reynolds, are exactly one letter different from having the exact same name as my cousin. I was very close with that cousin. His name was Mathew Reynolds.

  7. Amen! I’m not a doctor either, but the selective severity of the disease for various people just SCREAMS for nutritional deficiency analysis to be done! Not saying it’s the ONLY explanation, but I’d think it’d be in the top 5 areas to look into at least. As you infer, we could be well on our way to climbing out of this if we took that approach. But that (along with HCQ+) doesn’t make big money for Big Pharma and doesn’t help those with an interest in stoking fear, so little wonder it gets so little attention.

    Your facts seem good… the only thing I’d counter you is on your opinion of the mask-wearing people walking down the street. You say that person is a moron. I see that person as being one of several possible categories:

    1) Someone whose so used to it, it doesn’t even bother them and they hardly think about it (that’s been common here in Ulaanbaatar for years). Not a moron.

    2) Someone who’s been potentially exposed or believe they might have been and don’t want to take even a small chance at infecting others. Not only are they NOT a moron, but they’re living by the nonaggression principle, right?

    3) Someone who’s not great at risk analysis and erring way too much on the side of caution. Probably misinformed or even somewhat hysterical if they’re not in a high-risk category, but not necessarily a moron. If they’re a moron for being misinformed, then we’re ALL morons to varying degrees.

    4) Someone who’s in a place where wearing a mask in all public places is mandatory. Could be a person who’s easily-led by authority, or just someone who’s deciding to pick their battles (example: I’ll put my mask on outside if there’s police nearby… there are a few who’d just LOVE to give the foreigner guy a ticket). Not a moron (though the former might cross over into that depending on how sheep-like they get).

    5) They’re a virtue signaling dipshit. These guys, yes they ARE morons. And power-tripping assholes. I get the distinct impression that these types are FAR more numerous in America than here in Mongolia (where I have yet to see a single one…)

    Just some alternate points of view. Take them or leave them at as you wish 🙂

  8. FWIW-  I visited my doctor earlier this week and as the phlebotomist was taking my blood for testing I asked her if they would be testing for Covid-19.   She told me they have added the antibody test to the standard test panel.  I asked if they were reporting the positive tests results for the antibodies to governmental reporting agencies and she said “yes, I believe they do”.  From this, I suspect that the recent spike in coronavirus includes an increasing percentage of people who may have picked up the virus anytime in the past year and are no longer capable of spreading the virus.  I hadn’t considered the numbers reported in the news include results from antibody testing from all routine blood testing.  Not surprising though…

  9. One of the hardest things with all this crap, is trying to ‘communicate’ with the media consumers through the relentless fear barrage.

    A person, who I’d been avoiding the subject with, sent me a NYT piece on the soaring death rate. To try and calm them down I sent the stuff you shared and a few other ‘facts’ based pieces of info. Their response?

    ‘I don’t believe your sources, I only believe my sources. You and people like you are killing people and causing untold suffering! Don’t ever talk to me about this subject again.’

    Uh yeah. The subject THEY brought up.


    If you have a sense of humor, AwakenWithJP (YouTube) has some funny stuff on the whole mess, but it’s absolutely laugh/cry…the whole subject is.

    Yes yes, I know…Circle of Concern. Believe me, trying to avoid it, but some days the stupid is really hard to take. =(

    • There is no reason coffee would do that, caffeine in fact aids in absorption of quite a few nutrients. Note that green tea is one of the ionophores we use for zinc in addition to quercitin.

      kwer sa tin is what I have settled now based on a few bits of feedback so yea that is right.