Episode-2665- John Pugliano and Jack Spirko on CoVid Economic Fallout — 3 Comments

  1. 53:20 Cuomo said in a press conference… “66% stayed home”

    Go take a look at the charts he was using as his source.  You’ll find that he (and most of the media) didn’t understand the chart he was trying to read.  Those charts were titled source of admission (what the admin at the hospital puts on their form); (Read the scales).

    8% Other, 24% NursingHome (or similar), 66% Home [chart exceeds 100%, but within rounding errors]

    Don’t know if the 8% includes those being admitted from ‘work’ or arrested for having a fever.


    NewYork is in ‘lockdown’ who is going to voice they are coming in from work and ruin things for their employer. If the chart is to be believed then work is a fraction of the 8% other or 0% and been dropped from the graph.

  2. I dread these conversations with John Pugliano, but I also consider them required listening.

    We’re prepared enough that our day-to-day activities haven’t changed that much, thanks in large part to you, Jack.  Still have a lot to accomplish and this episode has been the kick in the ass I needed to get moving.

    Thanks to both of you.


    I didn’t totally get the part where the housing crisis that led to the 2008 crash was tied to 911. Maybe you can try to explain that in another episode