The Continuing CoVid Craziness – Episode 2946 — 23 Comments

  1. It is funny, and not at the same time.

    Right now my brain is in a war with itself. And I am fighting like hell with it.

    Last Wednesday my daughter, 4, came in contact with a girl for 1 hour that was diagnosed with covid and was asymptomatic. Only reason the little girl found out was because she also had strep.

    Since then I have had a couple of health issues, I know for a fact not related to covid, but my brain is constantly trying to tell me “You have covid”. There is no logical sane reason for me to actually have covid at this point.

    I am also a lot healthier than I was. I take a crap ton of vitamins A,B,C,D Zinc Quecertin, and a few others. Armed with that I have been around tons of people with covid, and not gotten it. The statistics for me to get it and die are exceedingly low.

    However, for some reason, my brain seems to want to succumb to having covid. As much as I have tried to fight the conditioning of the main stream media. It is proof that it has worked to some degree. Emotion is trying to override the logic centers of my brain. It sucks.

    Also I am not vaccinated, I don’t wear masks, I don’t alter my lifestyle to avoid people any more than normal. But wow my brain. Our life looks very much the same today as it did September of 2019.

    So be careful out there.

  2. Not sure about Tanks rolling in Australian Cities. I have not seen any evidence of that and I live in Oz.

      • Military troops yes, reserves, some what like your national guard and oh 300 of them in one city Sydney. This has been blown out of all proportion they are there to assists the police. I do not agree with it but lets look at it for what it is a police action. AND NO Tanks. Also look where your sources are……… main stream media which as we know lie all the time

        • 300 added to the 500 to enforce martial fuckin law and you defend this shit. Enjoy it as you nation falls into total fascism.

          Stockholm Syndrome is real shit I guess.

      • I used to live in Sydney and thus have first hand knowledge of what is going on there. Yes, they are on lockdown but it isn’t bad from what my friends say and there are NO tanks rolling down the streets of ANY city and NO Martial Law taking place. I am an anti vaxxer but if you get one fact so incredibly wrong, you are not a journalist I would ever listen to again for any reason. BYE!

    • So the dude they are looking for in Australia is COVID positive. He went out without a mask and was seen sneezing in an elevator. Still is just as crazy that this man is a fugitive from the law for being sick! We are in ??!

    • To be honest Jack I didn’t expect that response. All that was said was there is no evidence of Tanks in the streets. It’s unarmed soldiers assisting in ( my opinion an illegal) Lockdown.
      Ice age farmer used some dodgy headlines about the UK banning Manure spreading on farm land.
      If you read the actual article as you yourself are always advising it didn’t quit echo his headline.
      Please don’t fall into that trap.
      Longtime UK listener with family in Australia

      • Whatever man just a few weeks ago they rolled in armored vehicles to shut down protests, then rounded them up the way the US did for the Jan 6th nonsense. May be you don’t consider armored vehicles tanks, but I do.

  3. I dont think the plan is to destroy America. The plan is to devalue the dollar like that guy that testified before Congress said the plan was. What was his name again?

    • First a lot of this does a hell of a lot more than devaluing the dollar. And if you don’t think devaluing the dollar sufficiently will destroy America you don’t know where America’s power lies.

  4. Jack, I’ve been listening to you since 2012 or so. This may have been the most important podcast you’ve ever done. As a student of history, it’s easy to see the parallels that led to the murderous dictatorships of the 20th century. Keep sounding the alarms and I hope you’ll continue to go deeper into this. We (pro-freedom folks) need to be unified for what could be coming next.

    • That is GAB but it is full of Orangeman worshiping bat shit crazies. It was just the easiest one I use to find the posting with the date on it.

      I really love Flote and the new version will be kick ass. Links to all my social stuff are in all show notes and on the Get Social Page.

      I have not touched facebook even to troll in months, twitter has been well over a year. I’m done I refuse to contribute to either of those fascist platforms.

    • Ivermetin. You can go to jacks flote account and find links to a couple articles he posted. U dont even need a flote account to read there.

    • So the dude they are looking for in Australia is COVID positive. He went out without a mask and was seen sneezing in an elevator. Still is just as crazy that this man is a fugitive from the law for being sick! We are in ??!

  5. You alluded to Roger Malone, the inventor of the mRNA technology, but there is a Dutch virologist well worth listening to and reading to get an understanding of what is going on and why it is so bad., Greer Vanden Bossche may have collaborated with Malone during their careers. It is an absolute disaster to administer leaky, non-sterilizing vaccines to a highly infected population with a very mutable virus. The only people that should have gotten these vaccines were chronically diseased 80-year olds on their death beds, isolated in a hospital ward. Bossche has been sounding the alarm for well over a year. The leaky vaccines provide an immune barrier that evolutionary forces new, more infectious variants. Eventually you may end up with ADE -antigen defense enhancement. The sub-optimal antibodies provoked by the vaccines, still bind to the antigen, but no longer prevent the antigen from cell binding. They, however, mask the antigen from your innate immune system and significantly downgrade its ability to deal with the variant. This is why kids are getting sick now. They resisted the original virus strain last year, but they are succumbing this year to a new mutant because their old antibodies are ineffective, and worse interfere with their natural system. This is basically what the vaccines are doing, and Israel is a leading example. The booster shots are basically the end of the world. Note that your body will always recall the old, suboptimal antibodies. This is referred to in virology as “original antigenic sin. ” This is nothing but virology 101. If you want to know why more scientists are not speaking up, then you need to be aware that Fauci funds a couple of billion dollars of research through NIAID. No scientist is going to go against what he says, if they want to keep their jobs. Note that Fauci pulled this same scenario back in the ’80’s with HIV, but that is another story. This is all about money, control, and building and maintaining your empire. Bossche and Malone have been right on up to this point. What is being done will build an inferno of highly infectious mutants. I fully expect the US military to be incapable of deploying much of anything a year from now. The absolute worse thing that can happen is to force inoculate children, but you all have to read Bossche or some other basic virology source to see why.

  6. Thank you Jack
    Another great podcast, long time listener and fellow Texan.

    My employer announced this week their New condition of employment, Covid Vaccines before December 8th. My employer is L3Harris, large defense contractor in Texas and the Nation. I’ve been with the company nearly 30 yrs, survived dozens of layoffs and Mickey mouse dictators in management.

    I plan on standing my ground and go down fighting this tyranny maintaining the sovereignty of my body and family. Thanks again for the advice. I look forward to more podcast on those who stand and fight as this chapter unfolds.