Episode-2655- What I Think about CoVid at this Point in the Game — 24 Comments

  1. Mikovits is a loon. There may be some truth in that film, but it’s impossible to separate it from her nonsense.

      • An ad hominem is an argument. Calling her a loon is not an argument, just an opinion based on previous knowledge of the woman that leads to me not trusting anything she says, not arguing that you shouldn’t.

        But if you want some arguments against the claims made in the film, here’s a LONG list, minute by minute:

        A few things there are questionable, but a lot of it is well sourced. For the record, I’m not defending Fauci. Even if there is no truth to any of Mikovits’ claims, he’s still largely responsible for the unwise shutdown of the economy.

        • Reading her book right now, I find it very creditable.  I also find that point by point to basically say she is  lying.  I do find some things in there that are also creditable to her being wrong.  But saying she did steal the files for instance is not a rebuttable for one example.

      • Really John. You took down my post because seemingly you couldn’t rebut it?!

        • No one took any post down ass-clown! You put links in your post so they went to moderate. It was approved, I don’t sit around all weekend on my ass in front of a screen waiting to approve shit from “Randy”.

        • I attempted to edit and delete the wrongly accusatory comment because I later saw the first comment was in moderation.  Don’t know why the second still went through.  In any case, the name calling doesn’t really fit the situation, but it is your site, so have at it.  I’m sure you get a lot of comments like mine (which I tried to delete) that led to your reaction.  Anyways, won’t keep me from listening.

    • JACK!  I just HAVE to comment!  I work in a medical office and yesterday saw a patient who had active Co-Vid19 and has recovered.  He is also diabetic.  He told me that it was the scariest thing he had ever experienced.  He said that he had a very difficult time even getting blood to come out of a finger prick while he was so ill and when it did it was brownish–not oxygenated!   Now that he has recovered the blood he takes for his diabetic testing is red like normal–oxygenated!  So your comment about the doctor talking about using oxygen and/or changing how we are using ventillators with these patients really hit a nerve with me.

  2. You have a lot of wise things to say here.

    You were really intense about where “reactive” behavior comes from.

    From what I’ve studied, “genetic memory” is close but not totally accurate. You said you weren’t trying to say anything spiritual, but believe me, you did.

    The criminal element in society – thankfully a minority, but with its own kind of “power” – thrives on finding ways to push people into self-destructive reactions so that they don’t have to kill them openly, or if they do, they have a “reasonable” justification. They would love for some group somewhere to break out into violence so they could lay on some more restrictions, some more restraints, some more fear mongering.

    You call it the state. I don’t agree with that, because I think sane states are possible. They just don’t happen very often. Because, of all human institutions, government is the most perfect target for criminal takeover, as that then makes crime “legal.” I would prefer to target the criminal mind – the criminal personality. Most of us are capable of it for short periods. Some of us devote our entire lives to it. Those are the people that need to be restrained. And if those types were the only ones restrained, that would be enough. If we let them turn around and find more and more excuses for restraining us, we’re eventually going to get what you predict. In some places it’s already happening (think: drug cartels). It’s true it won’t be pretty if it happens here. At least, it never has been. The Civil War happened about 150 years ago and we still feel its effects today.

  3. Long time show listener – I’m sending you lots of love and big thanks for including the link with Dr. Mykovitz and sharing the truth.

  4. I LOVED this particular show, but I expected nothing less from a podcast that has kept me interested for about 8 years now.  Your voice of reason has been very comforting to me in this pandemic.

    I had to come to the website after listening to this podcast in Stitcher because of the very end of the show.  I 100% agree with you on the fact that the protests are a powder keg ready to blow and it is why I’m  way more worried about civil unrest than the virus itself.  How much more can this country take?  Most of this country says they are independent – neither D nor R – but, they are getting just as mad as the extremes.  It’s one thing for Hillary Clinton to get off from prosecution for her email server, but it’s another for her and so many others to orchestrate a takedown of Donald Trump.  The injustices this country has had to watch for the last four years are remarkable.  Between the destruction of Michael Flynn (and now exoneration, thank God) to the straight up hostile media lying and spreading fake news to the endless investigations and impeachment attempts, the country is getting ANGRY.  Now, we are told to sit at home with nothing to do but to get even more angry…and if we want to do anything about our situation, we become a criminal.  They are letting hundreds of criminals out of prison/jail due to covid, but putting businessowners in jail for running a disinfected, sanitary, and law abiding business.

    I work in IT, specifically data engineering and data science, and I know President Trump has great data scientists working for him (he made Brad Parscale his campaign manager who was the head of data science for his last campaign).  I just hope he reads what is going on and can help keep this country together.  All I know is that I’m prepping for things to get violent at government buildings based on what is happening right now.

    Thanks for all you do Jack!

  5. I would say that not only is Fauci a problem, but the whole system is problematic  A friend of mine who received a PhD in biochemistry told me about the waste and corruption of the science research in 1999 or 2000. The book “Fauci: The Bernie Madoff of Science and the HIV Ponzi Scheme that Concealed the Chronic Fatigue Syndrome Epidemic” which looks to have been released March 2019 on Kindle then rereleased this year(  Remember, Epstein was considered a friend of science also.

  6. Jack, you need to keep covering this and getting more guests on to cover different angles. Is Pugliano still feeling optimistic ? I am a bit perplexed as to what the future holds and have to keep praying.

    I do resent that under normal circumstances I would never give a hoot about what the CDC says about much of anything and would rely on other sources of information way before I would use the CDC. Now however we are forced to listen to the CDC and their policy recommendations constantly


    When I feel some anxiety about the economy, government, or retirement I have at times done some research about other places such as Maine or Tennessee. Maine is close by and I have a camp there. Tennessee is a milder climate with some cooler areas in the mountains of east Tennessee due to elevations of around 1200 to 2000 feet above sea level.  The Cumberland plateau in middle Tennessee also has some higher elevations but most of middle Tennessee seems to have higher tornado risk.

    The way I researched places is I looked up states that had the lowest cost of living. Then I used another list of best places to retire. The second list eliminated some places based on things like health care. I also liked Missouri a bit, but not as much as Tennessee. It is only a 10 hour drive or so from Missouri to the rocky mountains


  7. I can’t find the words to how angry it makes me to see how the hydroxychloroquine/azithromycin/zinc treatment is being covered and treated by the media. It has little in the way of side effects and the anecdotal evidence for its benefits are strong, so let’s expand its use in treatment now instead of waiting for a solid double-blind study. They SHOULD do such a study (several of them in fact) but until those come through there’s minimal downside and a lot of potential upside. Letting political bias in normal times get in the way of progress or better governance is bad enough… but when it costs lives? The people responsible for that are absolute scum of the earth.

    The only thing in the show I’d push back on is that I think there’s actually a strong case for using masks for everyone… just as compelling a case as the hydroxychloroquine combo (maybe even more so). For example:

    1) Facemasks greatly reduce spread FROM THE WEARER to those around them (important when there’s asymptomatic spread like with this bug),

    2) Masks may not protect the wearer entirely but reduces the viral load they get exposed to, giving them a better chance to fight it off,

    3) Most (if not all) countries who’ve managed to do the best containment of outbreaks are those where mask use is pervasive (Czech Republic, Slovakia, many Asian nations),

    4) It’s cheap, it’s easy, and given the downside of them (discomfort) is so minimal and the potential upside can be significant, why not just do it and see if it helps? Just like the hydroxychloroquine combo, from a risk management perspective it seems like good low-hanging fruit.

    All that said, I want to say for the record that I hate wearing my mask when going out in public… HATE it. It’s hot and uncomfortable. But I think the case for them is compelling enough I’m willing to wear masks or face-shields and recommend everyone else do so too in public areas. I don’t believe in making them compulsory, but certainly support private businesses that make them part of their policy should they wish to. Peak Prosperity covered masks in their most recent video (it’s all worth watching but jump to 12:15 if you want to get to the mask part) and makes the case better than I have.

    The US gov’t has failed on most levels, and voluntarily wearing a mask is one of those things where each of us can step up and prove to the gov’t that we’re going to handle this in a smart way instead of going along with their lockdown bullshit. My personal opinion (so far… I’ll change my mind if the data changes) is that universal mask use, tight border controls, and the hydroxychloroquine combo and other zinc ionophore substances would get most places 90% of where they want to be in keeping the spread down.

    • To be clear on masks, inside with a large group, say shopping at Walmart, I totally agree.  A person taking a walk in an uncrowded area I find it to be nothing but mandated virtue signaling.

      I also find outside of very close long duration personal contact that asymptomatic spread is largely nonsense.

      • Fully agreed on the former. When we walk up to the park area or hills by our place, our masks are off. When we’re walking the crowded city sidewalks or are inside a store, they go back up. And when we’re out in the countryside, we don’t even bother carrying them in our pocket, much less wear them.

        I’m less convinced of your second point about asymptomatic spread… you might be right, but until we have better information the precautionary principle would make a case for wearing a mask around strangers even for short duration contact. Again, with the anecdotal experience of other countries and the downside of wearing them being minimal, why not encourage it and see if it makes a difference? If I’m wrong it costs almost nothing but mild discomfort (even less in the way of discomfort if using face-shields). But if I’m right it could make a difference in lives, health, and productive time. Let’s experiment and find what works!

        I do wish the people protesting the lockdowns in those big crowds would either wear masks or space the f*** out from each other, though. I’m fully sympathetic to the anti-lockdown position, but showing some sensible risk management would go a long way to strengthening the case for the individual (not the gov’t) taking charge to reduce the outbreaks. Unfortunately I think many of them fall into the first half of the false dichotomy “it’s all a hoax!” vs. “run and hide it’s the new Black Death!”. It’s a sign of our societal dysfunction/idiocy that things like masks and hydroxychloroquine have become political positions. Makes me want to move to a different planet.

        • I do wish the people protesting the lockdowns in those big crowds would either wear masks or space the f*** out from each other,”

          A Fricken Men!

  8. I started taking Quercetin as soon as I heard Jack mention it and it has done wonders for wheezing lungs. But it also has caused very itchy skin. If I stop taking it (one capsule a day) the itchiness stops.

  9. I bought quercetin and zinc for my family. Also bought quinine. We are prepared.


  10. Walking to Freedom was referenced in this show and I think several later shows but I cannot seem to find a link to the site.  The link here goes to something that says the ‘WTF Forum is closed. Too much spam, too little interest. Farewell!’ and claims the forum is in maintenance mode.  What’s going on?

  11. What brands of those 3 supplements do you use? Too many on Amazon to figure out what’s not a rip off. Thanks