Episode-2636- John Bush on Boosting Immunity and CoVid-19 Impacts — 4 Comments

  1. comment from guest; “I think we may need to just put our big boy pants on….”. I wonder how you would feel if someone close to you, son, daughter, mother got the disease and the worst happened? I have heard many people make comments like this and it irritates me every time. Kudos Jack for calling him kinda out and mentioning that the situation is different for each case.

    • I understand why this comment could have been received this way. Nobody is taking light the fact that people are dying. But my point with the comment is that COVID-19 is HIGHLY contagious and sooner or later we are going to have to emerge from the shelter-ins and go back to life as usual. Many Americans are living in fear and in that state of fear governments are taking more and more liberties. This virus will come back around again and unless we face it history will repeat itself.

      Jack responded that there are millions and millions with pre-existing conditions. He’s right, with the status quo they are sheltered in nonetheless, as is everyone. It’s a failed policy. In a free society those who dont want to take the risk of catching the virus would be able to shelter in of their own accord and those that feel okay with the risk could go about their business.

      The question is where do we draw the line? How do we as a society allow the freedom of those that want to go about their life while still protecting the vulnerable. Not sure the best route. But the shelter in everyone approach and decimate the economy, which arguably will end up costing more than the virus itself, is not the best path IMO.

  2. You forgot full spectrum light. It is a requirement for health. Flu season is when everyone is inside without ultraviolet light.