Homesteading is the New Counter Culture – 3187 — 1 Comment

  1. I know you put a lot of research and thought into your observations, which I admire, and in this case having lived through the 70’s back-to-the land movement I have some additional viewpoints to add to this topic. I was very close to this movement in urban and rural settings as well as gobbling up underground news of the time. I am not aware of any escapist motivation for this movement, it was highly motivated by an idealistic dream of what could be. This involved living in community farms very intertwined with a vision of some sort of spiritual oneness with like-minded souls, nature, and life force. This was the dawning of the Age of Aquarius and it had committed believers. In some of the most extreme corners of this movement, there was the belief that everyone was each other’s sister or brother which included possessions and sexual relations. There are two documents essential to understanding those times; The Mother Earth News and The Whole Earth Catalog. These were the bibles of that time. The Rolling Stone newspaper called the shots for mostly the urban “heads” and the city culture. The “Plowboy” interview in the Mother Earth News was the sermon and although very intellectual, and mostly incomprehensible, set the stage for where the movement should be; mostly unattainable, futuristic, surreal. But some highly regimented communal living experiments did work, one of which is still around today in a very evolved form: Stephen Gaskin’s “The Farm” in Tennessee. I do think it is very valuable to take a realistic objective view of this widespread cultural phenomena of that time to learn from it’s cause and collapse.