Episode-2543- The Expert Council Show for 11-1-19 — 30 Comments

  1. Hey jack and JR

    thank you both for the response on my 1895 in 45/75. I agree fully that it’s a very overlooked cartridge. After shooting several rounds on a lead sled to sight the optic in….man o man what fun.  I think the LOP and a pad is the better bet for me.  If I put a muzzle device on to reduce recoil I’ll probably blow my ear drums out in the woods if I take a deer without ear protection.

  2. Hi Jack, you already know CAC cannot respond or help with every single disaster. No matter how much they might want to. Nonetheless, CAC is willing to try and amplify the efforts of local volunteers on the ground in California or elsewhere. To get involved with them, simply visit their website at and become an actual volunteer. Questions? Write or call (719) 270-0801

  3. You may NOT be able to run your refrigerator off even an 800W inverter hooked to your car as Harris suggests. While refrigerators and chest freezers use only a (few) hundred watts while running, the start up (initial compression?) can take 1500 watts. My refrig and chest freezer both (separately) overloaded my 800 watt inverter when tested.

    However, I was able to keep restarting the inverter (a few to 5 times in quick succession) and got through the initial compression of both refrig and freezer and then they could (separately) run on my 800 watt inverter.

    If you get a 2000 watt inverter, you will likely have enough wattage to carry refrig through the 1500 watt startup while charging other items (including appliances).  Watch the inverter ‘watts out’ screen to ensure you are not using more watts than your car can produce at idle (Harris said 400 watts on this podcast). If not sure, you could make sure your car battery voltage is not dropping (I think 12V is about 1/2 full, but look it up).


  4. I’m so thankful for Big Steven helping the California people. He must have been inspired by Devine intervention from God himself. Let you light shine Steven.

    As far as CAC goes if there is anyone in California on the ground who is willing to help out, CAC can work financially though you.

  5. The first rule of volunteers that work in charitable areas and 501c3 is to look after yourself first otherwise you may not have volunteers to assist. It may not dawn on such esteme experts that the said volunteers themselves may be affected by power outage and may not be able to get into areas as law inforcement  denied access to them.. Volunteers are people who give up their own valuable time in various organisations which should be commended and not shouted down and one of those mentioned I can vouch does fantastic work and that no one in CAC team is paid and since its reformation the work they have done on a tiny budget is outstanding compared to the multi million dollar organisations and to barrack them in the manner that the harris1234 had did is unbecoming of the expert council

    I have never heard so much  self promotion by a so called expert and  shine out his backside in all my life until today. What was stated belittle’s many a good charity which does not ususly work in wild fire areas as well as fantastic organisation that was help set up by jack.

    I feel the  so called experts need to look at their own actions before they attempt to shout down others. Its pathetic and unbecoming of the expert council and has lowered the usual great standard of the survival podcast

  6. Wow “not doing crap”? I am a volunteer for CAC, this fine organization depends on volunteers and financial support. There certainly has been work by CAC to get additional deployments going. If anyone in California is available to volunteer CAC has the funds to get supplies and give you some direction to go help the people effected in CA. We have done wonderful things to help during several natural disasters and as we grow more deployments will happen. Please, if you can help in anyway, do so. I dont see why Mr. Harris has to be so critical of an organization that he was once involved in.

  7. While I haven’t heard back from my buddy at Team Rubicon, I know that we at the CAC have almost a longing to help with the Cali fire areas. They have been monitored and will continue to be.

    I think it’s a bit unfair for The Harris to seemingly “throw the CAC and Team Rubicon under the bus”.

    We have protocols and procedures that need to be met. Above all, we at the CAC need to have a point of contact: someone who is with the CAC (or willing to sign up) AND willing to do something!

    It is true CAC isn’t moving on the fires at the moment. But, if you aren’t willing to help yourself and/or your fellows…

    This is the call to action: poke around the CAC website: if you are interested, please sign up. Talk to the members. Ask your questions.

  8. Steven Harris has been informed of the shit storm he kicked up.  He has also been informed it is up to him to put it out.  This is what happens when I don’t prescreen and filter calls.

  9. WOw… the shit storm I kicked up.   Maybe its good I kicked up a shit storm because nothing was being done.  What are you suppose to do when you see people in need (and dying) and others are not doing anything?  Be silent?  How dare I say anything about CAC How dare I say anything about team rubicon or red cross.  Well they are not even trying to help 2.5 million people out of power and I was.   For everyone of you bitching there is probably 10 or 25 others out there that heard me that are double checking with friends and neighbors and friends of friends which was the real goal and focus of the message I put out.   It was about the real CALFIRE guy who was asking me to help get the help to others.  That guy is a true hero.

    It does not matter what you guys say or are mad at, there are other people who have emailed me and I’ve talked to who are helping other people and friends in the power outage area 1 on 1.  Person to person.   The whole message was about how YOU can help on your own 1 on 1, and should help others 1 on 1 because TSP people are generally prepared.    What is the last thing I said in the message, if you need help, contact me.  I’ll help you help other people….

    One guy wanted to call me so I gave him my number and he said,  “Hey Steve, I wanna buy 5 of the $10 inverters on, who do you want me to send the to in California who is helping people?”    So 5 inverters got sent to a friend of mine in Sonoma who is showing his neighbors how to use them to keep their phone powered and a small TV and some lights.

    Others are helping, you’re bitching.  I don’t care, I’m helping those who are helping.   If you want to help, you can help.   If you want to bitch at me, yell at me, call me names….when shit happens I’ll still help you even if you don’t like me, or bitched at me.  You all bleed red, you all love people and people that love you and all have beating hearts.

    …and the guy that made the ‘comment’ about the ‘kick start of the fridge’ is wrong, unless he’s got a 25 year old fridge, its probably his connection to his vehicle that is the issue and about my ‘self promotion’….  I said listen to me at (nothing for sale there), listen to JACK and his shows.   Jack is a fricken social genius, he’s helped millions of people enhance and better their lives.  That How to Power Your House from Your Car show I did with Jack and the way we interplayed it and evolved the conversation was one of the best things I’ve ever done.   Yeah, Steven Harris says go to and listen to How to Power Your House From Your Car show that I did with Jack Spirko.


  10. @HunterSF “CAC has a longing to help…. but is monitoring the situation”?? “We have protocols and procedures that need to be met. Above all, we at the CAC need to have a point of contact: someone who is with the CAC (or willing to sign up) AND willing to do something!” Quotes from you.

    IF you need a point of contact and you heard me on the TSP Show, they why did you NOT call ME and ask me for my calfire guy’s phone number and call him and ask him where to help.?? I said he’s a senior guy. He knows everyone, REdeemed has my personal cell and knows he’s welcome to call me anytime for any reason.

    Why have you not contact Jack and asked him to run a 2 min promo on TSP from CAC for the CalFires ?? “Hi, this is Hunter with There is great need for help in the California fires and power outages and CACteam wants to help but we don’t have a lot of contacts in Cali and none in the fire area because we’ve been dealing with Hurricanes. If you are in or near the power outage area or you can help us help others or know someone who needs help please contact us directly at We need your help, we will enable you to help others. Even if you know who we can talk to to find out who we can talk to, we are willing to help. Reach out to us, help us help others. Thank you. ” If you did this, I bet you’d get a good number of Cali people happy to help. The world opens up when you ask.


  11. Wow. Is this what “putting out a fire” looks like? Man, look at all the contrition, humility, and understanding…

    Jack every time Mr1234 opens his mouth he damages your brand. This has not been always been true, but it is demonstrably true in this situation, and in my opinion has been running in “the red” for you for a long time. And no, the first “apology” and promise to change didn’t fix it. Nor the second, and I have no doubt future such “promises” will follow the same pattern. His desire to play nice appears to end as soon as his ability to extract value from your listeners ends.

    I have heard from fans who skip 100% of the expert council shows because he might appear on one. I have heard from fans who skip his segment as soon as you begin to introduce it. I have heard from people introduced to the show who dropped it like a hot potato when they heard how this individual approaches his “teaching” in the expert council segments.

    But anyone who has been listening since that first interview like I have has seen the same thing, I apologize for stating what must be quite obvious to so many.

  12. And Harris is response just goes to show what and egotistical unimpressive mouthpiece he really is only intrest is in himself and how he says hisc1234 course is free or is the B all and End all of everything. NOTHING IS FREE  he gains your information and uses it that’s worth a lot more than a free course. I’m afraid the mouthpiece has in my opinion the Expert Council into disrpute  no wonder the listenr count goes down when the harris opens his mouth. And with his response just echos his egotistical attatutude and every show he is on brings the survival podcast down to a level it shouldn’t be at he has the fall to be an expert and is not even humble enough to relise when he had gone too far  and the expert Council is belittled by his presence and I hope that the owner of the website and podcast who at the end of the day is responsible for all its content and output steps up and acts appropriately to stop this self praising self promoting mouthpiece from harming the good name of the survival podcast any further nor borderline slandering good responsible charitable organisations

  13. Now I’m super REALLY glad that I always skip every episode or segment when Harris in it. I bet thousands of others also do this too. I can find the exact same info he offers with less drama, arrogance and insults elsewhere.

    What a troll. I thought Mr. Harris could not stoop any lower. I mean, how mean and nasty do you have to be to criticize a young charity that loves TSP and is made up of TSP listeners and was inspired by TSP founder Jack. Is he freaking insane? Now I have to go volunteer for CAC. Maybe even Team Rubicon!

    Without TSP, Steven would never have gained pseudo-celebrity status. He would be just another hack marketer with a bad, bad  website. Guess he’s not really grateful of TSP and takes us all for granted. What an ungrateful snob.

    He really just can’t seem to feel good about himself unless he’s trying to tear someone into pieces. Truly pathetic.

    Please get rid of him Jack, you know you could do better. Occassional guest, maybe. Expert council? No WAY does he deserve to be an ambassador for your brand.


  14. I am busy with a work shop this week, so I can’t deal with this now but I have informed Mr. Harris that I am tired of his attitude and his service is no longer needed in the TSP community.

    If yall knew how many times I kicked back segments to protect him from himself you’d be shocked. I am sorry that he has treated many of you this way and I am sorry for letting my friendship with him allow this to go as far as it did.

    Steven is a good man, I wish him the best but he is not welcome in the TSP community any longer.  Some day may be he will figure his shit out, be totally contrite and earn his way back in.  May be, may be not but at this time, we are done.

  15. Whether you disagreed with CACs decisions on the CA fires or not, Shitting on an organization started by the TSP community and largely run and operated by the TSP community, openly on Jack’s show is not appropriate. However is does seem to accurately reflect your overall childish behavior over the years on TSP.

  16. Yeah, well, thanks.   I’m frustrated, irritated (not because of this) and its coming through in what I do.  Its OBVIOUSLY coming through in what I do.  I’m gonna go take a break and concentrate on some other stuff and just GTFO for a while.    Later.   Steve

  17. Regarding Jackson Browne, Glenn Frye and Laurel Canyon. There’s a documentary out with Jakob Dylan (Bob Dylan’s son) and numerous other artists – including Browne, concerning the music, bands, and interaction between those living in Laurel Canyon. It’s called “Echo in the Canyon”. It’s currently on Netflix but may be found elsewhere.

  18. My jaw DROPPED when I heard 1234’s comment about CAC on the expert council episode. There was no call for him to have said that.  I’m a proud CAC supporter who became an even prouder volunteer. I know how hard the people within CAC work and what a blessing the organization is to the many people they help out in a crisis.  We are community helping community. If you would like help helping your neighbors in time of need…check out CAC and become a volunteer.

    • I apologize for his comments. I had reached a point where I grew tired of his abuse of people and didn’t kick this one back. I felt it I was going to remove him, people needed to hear why for themselves. In the end though it was that he doubled down on his stance that ended what has been a great working relationship.

  19. Your earlier comment “Steven Harris has been informed of the shit storm he kicked up. He has also been informed it is up to him to put it out. This is what happens when I don’t have time to prescreen a call at times.” implies that you didn’t plan for or even try to listen to what he had to say. This current comment implies you put it up for the world to see. Which is it? I do think this show has been slowly taking a turn, but I don’t think it is Steve that is the real issue.

    • I did listen, I did hear, think whatever you want. I have protected this grown ass man from himself for almost 8 fucking years. I have kicked back 30-40% of these types of segments. By not prescreen, I didn’t mean that I didn’t listen, I meant that I didn’t choose to stop it from being heard. I was getting ready for a work shop while all this shit was going on, if I was not clear, I am sorry for that.

      In the end Steve is a good man but he has been a complete fucking asshole to my audience way too many times. I have explained it to him many times, I have tried to work thought it with him. But the man is who he is and I am done baby sitting a grown adult.

      Next you will tell me that I can be a dick to people, I agree that makes this worse not better! Sort of a consider the source type of thing. If the guy is too much of an asshole to people for me, it is really bad.

      I am sure Steve will continue to produce content, if you want to be told you are a dumb fuck for asking questions or considering options other than his “Harris Approved” ones, etc. go follow him elsewhere.

      Steve is a friend but TSP is not just a community it is also a business. Would you allow a person to abuse your customers? The truth is I did allow it, for way to long due to loyalty to Steve. He found my limits, I practically BEGGED HIM NOT TO many times by the way. He always promised to stop, and it always lasted about 2 weeks.

  20. Going to get him out of automated Show Notes and OFF the EC Council page?

    Thanks Jack, I know you will find a better and more respectful brand advocate eventually.

    • Yes and yes. As to show notes for future shows. I will not attempt to erase the past, Steve is still a friend and I hope someday he can come back to me and convince me this type of thing is behind him. For all his faults TSP as a community owe the man a LOT.

  21. This comment will be light hearted after all of the other stuff above.  Last year, about this time, my wife and I went on a 22 day drive through the western United States.  Our first stop when we got past NM was Winslow, AZ, during the weekend they were having the “Standing On A Corner In Winslow Arizona” festival.  There’s a statue there, on that corner, but I didn’t see any girls in flat bed Fords.  Cute little town though.

  22. As for the situation…  Honestly, I’m not surprised that the television and radio stations didn’t want to put Mr. Harris on the air.  Have you listened to him?  He comes across in tone and voice like a lunatic.  The last thing radio or TV want you doing is changing the channel.  His material knowledge is great, but he needs help with a voice over or something, maybe Patrick Stewart is looking for work?