Episode-1720- Expert Council Q&A for 1-29-16 — 5 Comments

  1. To Stan, re moving from CA –
    Congratulations on moving out of CA!! I made almost the exact same move in 2012. I was in the same position you described. I did almost exactly what John and Jack recommended.
    Like you, I used a POD type system to move the bulk of my belongings. I had my weapons and precious metals hidden in the car. When I stopped for the night, I brought the weapons and precious metals in with me. I didn’t walk in with rifles slung over my shoulder, I had them in inconspicuous bags and I made a few trips to the hotel room.
    I had the luxury of a relative living near my home, so I was able to safely park my weapons with family until my POD (including gun safe) arrived.
    My trip took three days, and since I knew I had a LOT of valuables in the car, I took it very slow and carefully to avoid accidents and help ensure I didn’t get pulled over.

    Good luck in your move.

    • We moved last year and I borrowed a 17′ contractor trailer. For long guns without hard cases, I bought some Allen gun socks (they come in multi packs too) and put them in wardrobe boxes with clothes to give them extra cushion. The same for long guns with hard cases, they went into wardrobe boxes and looked like the rest of the clothes closets. That and a good hand cart and led to much less shuffling in and out of the trailer.

  2. You can set a GP Medium up without the ridge pole that goes between the two center poles, the ridge pole is “optional” but recommended for extended periods.

    Without the ridge pole two people can do it a lot easier. I have actually done a GP Medium by myself that way. It sucked, I quit and came back to it a few times, but after about 3 hours I got it up. I laid it out, drove the stakes, attached ropes, set up all 4 corner poles leaning outward so the stayed upright, set the rest of the poles in, pushed the center poles in through the doors one at a time and pushed them up a bit at a time. Of course there was a lot of fiddling with ropes to keep the side poles upright during it and cussing as poles fell over……….

  3. Hey Darby, if you were looking long term on a sloped property, would it be wise to try to get a breed of cattle that were smaller? Cattle are so much easier to fence and are hardier and less maintenance than sheep or goats I can see his desire to stay with them. Also, I seen this videos of Gabe Brown out in North Dakota planting multiple cover crops in pasture and getting incredible amounts of biomass, some really productive stuff. I wonder if Gabe would want to be on Jack’s show?

  4. The Poncho Liner AKA ” The Woobie” I have spent many a night under a poncho linner, including the other night when it was not worth getting the dog to move off the covers so I could get under them when it got cold early in the morning. It was easier to reach down under the bedside table where it is stashed for such emergencies. My whole family has one each a different pattern. Even the patterns go by seniority. Mine is woodland, the wife is desert, the oldest is ACU and the youngest is Multicam. If you do not have one get one. They are warm light and durable. Every vet I know when it came time to turn in their equipment “lost” their poncho liner and had to reimburse the government for it.