Episode-2081- Expert Council Q&A for 9-8-17 — 6 Comments

  1. FYI, Jeff Payne, the shitbag cop, was not a phlebotomist, he was a licensed paramedic. His paramedic license has been suspended and he’s been fired from his second job as a paramedic. And as an EMT, I’m completely appalled by his actions. I hope his licensed is permanently revoked.

  2. With any luck, the only job Jeff Payne and his supervisor will be able to get is running the fry machine and drive-thru window at a Wendy’s. On the night shift. In a shitty part of town.

    And if there is any justice, Mr. Payne will spend some appropriate amount of time in prison for violating the nurse’s civil rights and/or possibly battery. I won’t hold my breath on justice, so I guess I’ll be hoping there will at least be a little luck… 😛

    • Actually I think the supervisor that ordered the arrest should be doing as much or more time as officer Dick Face should be doing. I expect neither will do 10 seconds of time.

  3. RE: The opening history section about the Swedish EE in Oregon.

    I follow this guy, Curt Stout, on LinkedIn. He’s got his own battle with the engineering powers that be.

    Couple articles:

    It’s crazy. However, it will forever be about barriers to entry folks.

    Wasn’t too long ago, that an African hairbraider had to be licensed to be an African hairbraider. Unfortunately, there were NO classes on being an African Hairbraider so she said why do I need this stupid license and she was thus at risk of fines and potential JAIL Time.

    same goes for casket makers in TN, now in AL etc.

    boggles the mind actually.

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  5. Erica,

    I made your homemade cleaners and am amazed with how well they work. Thank You, I am buying your book for my family. It will be a great resource, and you have already earned my business!

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