Episode-2159- Expert Council Q&A for 2-2-17 — 11 Comments

  1. Being covered under the Law Enforcement Officer Safety Act (LEOSA) I’m still hesitant to carry in NY City.  A PA constable went there and was arrested for carrying even though he was covered.  They dropped the charges at the preliminary hearing but he still had to sit in jail I believe.

  2. Just a quick tip for new buyers on Coinbase for that free $10 on your 1st $100 purchase… make sure the amount of Bitcoin (or whatever other coin) purchased is $100 BEFORE the fees are applied. When I first signed up over a year ago I entered $100 for my purchase, but didn’t notice at the time that the amount of Bitcoin you get is the number you enter MINUS the fee, so when I entered 100 for my purchase I got slightly less than $100 and thus no free $10 in Bitcoin (which would be worth about $100 now). So anyone signing up for a new account probably wants to put in AT LEAST $103 (so it’ll be $100.01 in coin and $2.99 in fees) for their first purchase. It really annoyed me at the time, and I’d like to see other people avoid that issue.

  3. Regarding faucets… Definately not worth your time unless you scam the system. There are scripts out there which visit tens of thousands of faucets daily for you. One visit may be worth 1/10th of a penny, but do it ten thousand times and you’re making $10. However, the setup and keeping your scripts updated is more complex and costly than an equivalently productive mining setup.

    The better use are for non-monetary tokens. Let’s say Jack wanted his own TSP tokens, not to be traded for cash, but used to track members of the community he considers assets. So each page visit gives you 1 coin in 24 hours, and maybe a half a coin for a popular post etc. Think of it like karma in the forums, but tracked on a block chain independent of the site. That means it can be integrated in any affiliated site. Prominent members will amass more tokens which could be used to offer things like an MSB discount, or discounts at checkout from supporting vendors. I could say, “I’ll give a 10% discount to anyone holding 100 or more coins”. I wouldn’t need approval to offer that, I wouldn’t have to be an official affiliate. Or skip the monetary incentive, holders of coins get their posts promoted to the top of the page based on the number they have, giving more visibility to those people, and so putting the most “loyal” subscribers forward to new visitors. The api can be opened for a token for others to use… The faucet then is a viable method for distributing tokens in a non-monetary use case.

    The original proposal for the brave browser is an example of this. People could opt-in to ads that paid micro-payments of BAT. You get paid for seeing the ad. That’s just the faucet concept in a browser instead of in a site.

    If you want to try micro-work online for profit however, Mechanical Turk is a superior platform to faucets (though its a tough grind to go from making $1 a day to a couple hundred, but you can with the right technique). It’s more profitable, but even more tedious.

  4. Totally missed my window by getting way behind in TSP, now at full 2x to try to stay within a week.

    Regarding faucets, they are a mix and you can collect real currencies, BTC, ETH, DASH, LTC. I write up a weekly review on Steemit and cross post to my own site. It is a lot of work, but mostly during idle time not spent on Facebook. 18 weeks in I have a total of $25.

    I linked to my recent Steemit post if anyone is interested in the amount of claims it takes.

    • I was going to say it wasn’t done with a cell phone but nope I get it and I think you nailed it, at some point I must of moved the thing and it went away. THANK YOU.

      And no vaping for me bro.