Episode-2110- Expert Council Q&A for 11-3-17 — 2 Comments

  1. Thanks to Harris for stressing loose objects in your vehicle during a crash. As former LEO I have seen similar but no decapitation, thankfully. Harris is not joking folks.

    I had a semi hit me low speed last Spring. Totaled the old truck. Lots of loose stuff went everywhere.

    I’ll add a note for the hams, CB folks or GPS/other dash mounted whatever … They will become projectiles in a crash. Mount them solidly. No tape, Velcro or other easy means. Bolted or screwed to something solid. My mobile ham rig never budged.

    Be safe. Be smart. Listen to Harris 1234

  2. I second Nimrod’s response. I was in a offset head on collision with both vehicles traveling ~40 mph about a decade ago. I had a lead-acid battery based vehicle jump pack in my trunk (similar to the one Jack recommends). The battery nearly broke through the back seats of my car and entered the main cabin during the accident!