Episode-1867- Expert Council Q&A for 9-9-16 — 9 Comments

  1. “Why would Obama pass Obamacare if it was designed to fail – Jack”

    Already know the answer:

    To get a 100% single-payer HC system in America like CA and GB!

    • I find it humorous that many Americans, seem to not see that many of the things the government does are designed to one purpose, and purpose only, the consolidation of power.

      The cage keeps getting smaller, and they at best dismiss any resistance to it, usually force it down our throats, and at worst find ways to silence opposition to it, through whatever means they have.

      The Republic at this point is not savable. It is as Jack said a couple episodes ago, the most corrupt it has ever been, and has no redeeming qualities. (I paraphrased a bit there).

  2. I’m not sure how big the nest is for the listener in Alaska, but when we had ground wasps/hornets, we solved it by pouring a large pot of boiling water into the nest hole at night when the insects were not active. Found this remedy on the internet, I also wanted a non-toxic way to get rid of the wasps.

  3. Michael Jordan, I have fought these ground wasps for three years in a row, once in a stand of trees, last year in the middle of my yard about 20 feet from the front door, and this year 4 feet from the steps leading to the deck. Not good. I have sprayed, foamed, and have attempted to drown the nasty buggers. But, the best solution came as a surprise. Early in the morning a couple of days ago I went out to check the latest battle field, the one by the deck. I had placed a bag of potting soil over the entrance to the nest to keep them trapped as we were expecting guests for a cook out. What I found was a big hole in the ground and the wasps gone. Raccoons or Possums can be your friend. Dug them up and ate them. Next year I’ll bait the critters with a little honey on the nest and let the critters do their thing.

  4. Also wanted to give the guy in Alaska a suggestion. When we moved onto our property there was a large nest of some big bee/wasp type thing living in the ground. We fenced chickens around the whole mound and they ate them. It didn’t take the chickens very long.

  5. Skunks will dig up & eat the larvae. Bit of a trade-off, but at least skunks won’t chase & sting hell out of you & they generally work the night shift.

  6. Erica , you are a treasure! Thanx for the info on botulism.

    Steve, I did not know that there was a Hot Side on chest freezers; thank you.

  7. Hi;
    I recently heard of a city council using dry ice – frozen carbon dioxide – to suffocate rats. If the person battling yellow jackets in Alaska can get a hold of dry ice, or make their own, using this under the tarp could work well, and leave no chemical trace.
    Beside that, IIRC wasps are related to ants. Ants can be killed using a mixture of powdered sugar and bicarbonate of soda. When this reaches the acid in their stomach, it disrupts the ant by creating a lot of gas quickly. Maybe this would work with these bugs?
    Hope this gives you some choices