Episode-1882- Expert Council Q&A for 9-30-16 — 11 Comments

  1. I appreciate the insulin storage question. I’d written to Mr. Harris about a similar inquiry, though I didn’t plan to store long term in a vehicle.

    6 months ago my 12 year old son was diagnosed T1D. Since then we’ve taken a week long road trip, gone on 3 boy scout camping trips and other adventures.

    While I think Mr. Harris was spot-on with his solution for the thermos+ice water trick, I’m not sure I would expect DEATH in 3-4 days. It would probably take that long before DKA set in, but the point is well taken in any case.

    Another solution that works well for summer time outings, is a Frio Bag:

    For opened insulin vials that are stable for a month at room temp, if you are camping or hiking in hot weather (90F+), it’s really a good idea to keep insulin closer to room temp. These bags work from evaporation. You soak them in cold water, and they gradually evaporate, removing heat.

    During a very hot summer day while we were at scout camp (off grid), I used cool river water to recharge the Frio Bag. It does not cover every insulin storage scenario, but is a good tool to have.

    • OK… LISTEN CAREFULLY…. NO DAMN REFRIGERATOR IS GOING TO WORK IN A HOT CAR. Not one powered by propane, not one powered by electricity, not one powered by a flux capacitor. A refrigerator works on what is called a CARNOT Cycle It is moving heat from the INSIDE of the frig to the OUTSIDE of the fridge to make ‘cold’. This HOT SIDE must REJECT the heat, let it go, IN ORDER FOR IT TO WORK. It is NOT going to REJECT and let its heat go in a 120F to 160F car… no matter what it runs on…no matter what the fuel is. IT WILL NOT WORK. PERIOD, no matter what.

      That being said. If I was a type 1 diabetic, and a prepper. I WOULD have a propane refrigerator at home… and I’d have 100 or 200 pounds of propane. It is a VERY GOOD 2 is 1, 1 is none back up. You can get propane in 100 pound cylinders, they are about 5 feet tall. They are at Tractor Supply Store, sometimes in rural Lowes and Home Depot. They cost less than $100 empty. I saw them recently at Rural King. That being said, I think SO MUCH of this 3 way refrigeration system that after I get done with some life changes that will be happening to me, I will be doing more traveling. I am going to get one of these $500 3 way refrigerators and use it when I travel on all 3 methods of cooling. Plus I’ll have it at home for more further testing and development. THANK YOU for taking the time to listen to what I said and to post a possible solution here on the TSP comments section. While this will NEVER WORK in a HOT car, no matter what, I think this TOP OPENING, instead of side opening, refrigerator / freezer that runs on propane, 12 volts or 120 volts, has an EXCELLENT place for ADVANCED PREPPERS. Thank you for taking the time and for thinking of everyone else.

      Steven Harris

  2. For anyone who needs to store insulin, please refer to your insulin manufacturer for specific storage instructions as by my best guess (I have not been able to find this table on the Novolog website), Steven’s suggestion is not supported by mine for more than two hours:

    Permitted Exposure Times For Various Temperature Ranges
    Insulin preparations should not be exposed to temperatures between:
    -20 to –10 degees C for more than 15 minutes
    -10 to –5 degrees C for more than 30 minutes
    -5 to +2 degrees C for more than 2 hours
    8 to 15 degrees C for more than 96 hours
    15 to 30 degrees C for more than 48 hours
    30 to 40 degrees C for more than 6 hours
    Insulin should never be stored above 40 degrees C.
    It is important that insulin is never frozen, or exposed to a combination of high temperatures and excessive vibration.
    Above table provided by Novo Nordisk

    My guess is that there are multiple different preparations of insulin and each has different thermal sensitivity. My guess is that Steven’s suggestion will work for the others but not necessarily mine.

    • Yeah… This goes more along the lines of my experience EXCEPT for one thing. I wonder if this is storage once the vial has been opened. I have experience with insulin that can be stored in the fridge for a year before it’s opened.

      There’s no way that I’d transport insulin in ice water. Something I might consider, hower, is using a vacuum thermos to keep insulin at “room temperature” for a period of time in a vehicle and just rotate it out occasionally. I’d forgotten about the whole vibration thing though. That’s a completely valid concern.

      If I were the dad, I’d also make sure that I understood the tenants of a very low carb eating plan. That doesn’t negate the need for insulin, but it’ll definitely make injected insulin go further.

  3. As a massive Rush fan, I’m so happy you finally chose one of their songs!

    However, I can’t let the pronunciation be mistaken… It’s Red “Bar-ketta”.

    Even though Geddy Lee says Red “Bar-chetta”, like how you pronounce the ch in cheese, it is pronounced with a K sound, and Geddy admitted his mistake a while back.

    Thanks again!