Episode-1877- Expert Council Q&A for 9-23-16 — 13 Comments

  1. I love the feedback loop feeling of driving my old rattely pickup, the manual gearbox, soft clutch and quirky gear stick gives me a satisfied feeling of being connected to the vehicle like it is my horse or an extension of myself. I like feeling in control of it. I dont like traveling on buses. If there ever comes a day that the only driving option available to me is an automated vehicle then I will burn my lisence and get a bicycle or just walk. Automated cars are not for me. Problem with the more recent automation is that it is too often automating and eliminating the teruipetic aspects of life but increasing the quantity an intensity of stressful tasks.

  2. Question for Doc Bones, does anyone know what is the natural resovoir for meningitis, for example Rats are the natural resovoir for weils disease, and possibly badgers may be the natural resovoir of bovine TB (disputed by many environmentalists and badgers).Great podcast, keep up the great work.

    • Meningitis is a condition, not a disease, so there is no natural carrier. It is caused by various drugs, bacteria and viruses.

      If you’re asking about Meningococcal disease, which is caused by bacteria, the natural carriers are humans. It does not live on any other known animal.

  3. Woo, I got two questions on in one week!

    Thanks you to Tim Glance for answering my questions about MKTs. I had a passing knowledge of them from Steel Soldiers, but no real definitive info. If figured that day despite their size, they might have some use for something like Citizens Assisting Citizens. It’s good to know that they have some uses and their limitations. I know of at least one person who has set up a M109 truck as a mobile pantry with his MKT for car shows and such.

    Bryan Black, thank you for answering my question about protests. I only have one delivery route that takes me down the highway, since I deliver feed with a Freightliner straight truck, but it is to a university farm, and my concern is pop up protests without much heads up. I already maintain distance just because of the time it takes to stop the truck, but that can be an advantage as well.

  4. I’m looking into buying into a sous vide system. My sister in law has been doing it for a little while and made the best stake I’ve ever had. We tried different ways of searing it at the end. Cast iron pan, grill, easiest and cleanest was just using a torch on one of those small propane bottles and going back and forth over steak to sear it.

  5. First thing I thought of when I heard about driver less uber was the side money someone could make using their own vehicle. I drive to work in the morning and don’t use that car for the next 12-13 hours. In fact it’s costing me money because I have to pay for parking. If I could set it up where it could uber all day while I’m at work, as long as it’s back at the office by the time I go home, sign me up.

  6. An additional thought on Ham Shacks:

    A way to get around the noise that is commonly encountered in homes because of noisy items plugged into the circuits, certain lightbulbs, GFCI outlets tripping, etc etc is to run your Ham radios off of a battery bank.

    This gets you off grid power and isolates you from all of those concerns. Then, you have control of exactly what is plugged into that power source and can more easily isolate noisy items. Should be no worries running radios up to 100 watts.

    Large HF amplifiers do consume a lot of power, so a battery bank isn’t a good solution for them. But low power HF, and your VHF & UHF radios should be rock solid.

    • If the battery was a 12 volt standard truck battery then if the battery was on charge from a standard mains to 12 volt step down charger, then would that arrangement be noise free. Would the charger transfer noise to the radio and if so would the battery kill the noise?

      • A battery on a charger may be noise free, or may not. It depends on the quality of the charger and how well regulated it is. The battery will act to some degree as a capacitor that will quiet some noise, but only to a certain point.

        If you turn the charger off when using the radio then it will be noise free.

        I have found some solar charge controllers can also be very noisy.