Episode-2297- Expert Council Q&A for 9-21-18 — 1 Comment

  1. Jack, Great comments on the 7600.  Should have known you might go Expert Council for that.  You should do a whole 760/7600 show…I know you did an extended discussion on them once.  Probably a question I asked!

    Thanks for the VX1 vs VX2 info.  Didn’t know glass wasn’t the only difference.

    Also – the Vortex is a really great suggestion also.  For the same price I get 1x and a red dot, or for $100 more 1x, red dot, and 8x!  Red dot would be awesome here in the deep green…

    And as extra efficient as .308 is, I’ll take .30-06 for the “Find a box anywhere after the Zombie Apocalypse” factor.  Plus, its what I grew up with.

    Finally – the muzzle blast never fails to draw questions about what I’m shooting at the range!