Episode-1872- Expert Council Q&A for 9-16-16 — 13 Comments

  1. Schooling options vary with each child as to what is best for that child. My daughter struggles with homeschooling her oldest child. Basically it becomes a power struggle instead learning. Not fun for either of them. She put her back in public school and they have the same power struggle over getting homework done. One interesting thing when she went back to home school is her school district allows you to send your child to school for specific subjects, you pick which ones. So hopefully more of this will happen among more public schools.

    My daughter-in-law struggled with teaching her oldest son. He did not want to learn to read, nor hold a pencil. Can’t I do everything on a computer? Another power struggle. He would be the one who would learn to write his name in a week and a half at a public school with other kids around. Most kids seem to learn best through watching other kids.

    Fortunately that grandson has younger siblings who wanted to learn, and when his younger sister started to pass him up in reading he decided to read too. Now at 9 he is reading, reading about a book a day, going through all the books he can find. His younger sister wrote her name at 3 as she grew up watching her older siblings write and she wanted to have her school time too. She is now 4, can read some words, will often answer math problems. This she has learned just by watching her older siblings.

    I strongly believe most kids learn best from watching other kids and through teaching each other. I have one child who potty trained himself at 18 months. I was working at a day care at the time and they put him in a class of 2 year olds (because he was tall for his age?) and after a week they said please send him in underwear because he never has an accident. He watched what the other kids were doing in the bathroom and it made sense to him, and he copied what the others were doing. His teacher thought he was about 2 1/2. I let him pick out whatever underwear he wanted at a store on the way home, let him know he could use our bathroom too, and he did.

  2. Hi Jack,

    I believe I am the person (soon to be dad April 2017!) you mentioned at the end of this episode. Great message about shifting the mindset from programming to critical thinking of how an obstacle can be overcome. I believe the content at the end of this episode is the answer to anyone finding themselves in the bind of the “subdivisions”.

    Also, thanks for the Rush song! Most of the songs tend to be singer-songwriter style and its cool to hear rock.

    I’ll be listening to the show now and into parenthood.

  3. I wanted to add an alternate method of “vacuum sealing.”
    1) Zip your ziplock bag 90% of the way
    2) Get a drinking straw and insert into the opening
    3) Close the bag around the straw and suck the air out
    4) While still sucking, pull the straw and zip the bag
    It takes a little practice to remove the straw and close the bag without letting in too much air, but after a few practice run it is easily done.

    • John if you try the water method you will never waste your time with the straw thing again. If you try it you will see what I mean.

  4. Just wanted to pitch in for the home invasion question. I keep reading about robberies in my suburb in Plano. Most of the crime is fairly minor but I still do not want to pay for a broken car window because some jerk thought he would check out my property.

    Since hearing of the news, we bought a $6 alarm radio from the thrift store. We set it up in the garage so that from 11pm til 6am the garage has lights and noise in it. Sounds like someone is working in the garage and so my car on the driveway is just a bit less at risk.

  5. Thanks for answering my question regarding speculation vs investing. Certainly a lot of good points brought up. Some of this is definitely a definition game, but at the same time, I guess maybe its a mentality of “what are you doing it for”?

    I still smirk and eye roll though when people say “investing in a company” when they just mean buying stocks on a secondary market. It seems to be this tongue and cheek thing for companies to say “oh we don’t care about our stock price”, meanwhile, they do, even though it has nothing to do with the company, at all. (except as Jack eluded to, corporate take overs)

  6. Subdivisions is one of my favorite if not my favorite song. I liked it for the music but as I have gotten older I have really paid attention to the lyrics.

    Thanks for the inspirational talk at the end. My wife is considering transitioning to a work from home business and this is the motivation for me to make it happen and not think of how hard it might be or how it might fail. I am just going to get it done!

    • Doug,
      Working from home has changed my life in ways that I take for granted every single day. I would tell you how amazing it is, but unfortunately, by this point in time, I can barely relate to others. I just can re-imagine knowing what I know, and see things like my wife leaving and go…. “wow…. how awful”.

  7. Jack and I don’t always agree on everything but I agree 100% on one of your best home defense items is a dog. I am a law enforcement officer and when I talk to professional burglars they all tell me the same thing-if there is a dog in the house they move on to the next house. Something that Jack didn’t say is if there is a dog then Burglars or house invaders have to deal with that dog-even if its an ankle biter. If you hurt that dog and the cops/prosecutor/Judge are animal lovers good luck getting any sympathy. You stole the families TV well that can be replaced but you killed the family dog! The amateurs haven’t figured that out but the pro’s know to move on if their is a dog in the house. I have heard that from almost every experienced burglar I have talked to. Jack hit on all the other things a dog brings to home protection.

  8. Jack you mentioned Red Barchetta man what an awesome song it wasn’t one of Rush’s biggest hits but it was one of my favorites. Right after the show I listened to it and it brought back a lot of memories. If you would play that as an ending song just because some time.