Episode-2086- Expert Council Q&A for 9-15-17 — 4 Comments


    my family and I have used for many years. its a 3rd party provider for sprint network or ATT network. Its pay for what you use.

    We have 5 devices on ting and its usually $45 after scam-tax.

    They have flip phones and smart phones. I’d go with a smart phone for weather, news, sms (sometimes SMS gets through when voice won’t).

    I recently bought this one for my 18y son, we are pretty happy with it.

  2. Funny you mention Massy Fergusson 35 diesel tractor.
    My father bough one of these for 1100 Sterling (it had a three cylinder Perkins diesel engine).
    We used it for 22 years, it done a lot of work, then he sold it for 3500 Sterling, it got serviced once every year, was kept in a shed over the winter and it never required any repair other than bulbs, punctures, two battery replacements and tyre replacements.
    No ECU, no annoying messages on dash, (just 3 round clocks), simple mechanical link breaks, no Windows software, no Network Printers, just turn the key , hook up a two furrow plough, a grass mower or a trailer or whatever and away !

  3. Question about buying silver coins online, for example through JM Bullion.

    If you order physical coins through them do you consider that an anonymous way of buying and holding silver coins? They obviously have your payment method, your name, address and buying history.

    Are you “worried” about using an online source or is this not something to worry about? Any concerns with buying and holding through online sources or should I be buying all my coins in a physical store with cash?