Episode-2707- Expert Council for 8-7-20 — 5 Comments

  1. I totally agree with Jack about over draw on your alternator with an inverter.

    I have a couple suggestions.

    1. If you have two vehicles use the one with the bigger motor because it should have a bigger alternator.

    2. When building a purpose built board to hold tools; Go to a car stereo place and get the biggest capacitor they have.  This will negate the need to rev the engine during start up.  Also you can get an Amp and voltage gauge.  These can give you the information you need to know if you are over working your alternator.

  2. Great response to my ham radio question, many thanks. Although I’m a ham, I’ve never been very interested in learning morse code.  But now that you’ve given me a reason (getting more out of a modest hf rig in the bugout bag), I’m having to reconsider, lol.

    Ted in Orange County, CA

  3. On UBI and domestication: Absolutely.

    I’ve been working with native peoples in Western Alaska since 2011. Same concept you mentioned with lower 48 natives on the res.  I can’t tell you how many young men have said this same thing, “Yea, I could get a job, but then I wouldn’t get my money.” Replace “get a job” with other options I’ve also heard.


    It’s not everyone of course, but a large percentage of the people choose to sit around instead of bettering themselves. This leads to Alaska’s addiction, abuse and suicide rates being 5X the national average. It’s heartbreaking to watch.


    A few years back, I started teaching that the government handout (that’s been going on for multiple generations) is the new form of slavery pushed on their people. It goes over most people’s heads, but I see it click with a few.


    Give UBI enough time in the hands of the state and it will become the same thing.

  4. I know Jack has here and there touched on many various methods of how independent-minded individuals can survive (and thrive) in the growing authoritarian climate (making the tax system your bitch, relocation away from the worst areas, etc.). But just thought it’d be cool to see that assembled into one episode, focusing on what we can do now and what we may have to be prepared to do in the future.

    Already at certain times I feel like I’m adopting an alternate mindset, one tailored to deal directly with ‘The System’. Quitting my gov’t contractor job and moving overseas to a ‘lower State control’ environment makes a much easier time of it, but it’s still necessary from time to time. And in the future, not being strategic in dealing with the State will likely be more dangerous than ever.