Episode-2058- Expert Council Q&A for 8-4-17 — 7 Comments

  1. Hi Jack. I was listening to your comments about why a libertarian city can never exist – particularly that lower levels of government create more laws and restrictions.

    It got me thinking – could the USA ever get rid of the Supremacy Clause (Article VI of the Constitution) and replace it with a less “absolute” version of it? Maybe replace it with something that allows State law to override Federal law (maybe with the exception of certain aspects such as national defence, immigration or foreign trade, etc).

    I’d be curious as to what faults you see with this possible model. If a State is happy with a Federal law, they don’t need to legislate. If they’re not, then they create an “update” of the law that works for their own community.

    As usual, love the show.

  2. I think you are 100 % correct on your views on anxiety in children, (educate more medicate less).
    I also think the pharmaceutical industry is all about proffit before people.

  3. Just to clear the air, Paul likes huckleberry pies best. But, I’m sure he would not turn down a blueberry pie. Awesome podcast as usual.

  4. Anxiety:

    This is coming from left field but it’s part of that pattern recognition thing.

    Sleepy Time Chamomile Tea with a hand full of mashed fresh lemon balm leaves.

    I came to this from researching adrenaline dump mitigation. I am an extremely good rifle shot from a decent supported position. On the range or in the hunting I have no problem shooting groups that are sub .2 MOA (with a rifle and handloads that are capable of this) but after a few years doing 3 Gun, when that beeper went off and I was on the timer, I found myself having trouble with an 8″ plate at 100 yards during a match. The dot was going all over the place but would not settle down on the target. Hands shaking, heart pounding etc. After the match was over I could go back and drill that same plate at almost rapid fire at over 300 yards.

    After doing the research I started match mornings with a big mug of the tea and sipped on a bottle of it through the match. All I can say is that all the anxiety, the shaking hands and the elevated heart rate were gone. Those plates are no longer safe.

    That stuff works.