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    This was shown at Conceal Carry Class.  I also took a basic pistol class which is put on by a local deputy sheriff who is true to his oath.  Very good man.  Best money I ever spent.  Anyone can pull a trigger but do you know how to shoot?  I didn’t.  Do now.  Practice as often as I can afford/get ammo.  I’m old and broken down so I need every advantage I can give myself (and possibly others).  I don’t want to have to kill anyone but I know the day may come when I do.  I listen to American Family Radio (real news!) and there was a discussion about how Christians are to deal with this and that there is a vivid difference between killing and murder.  We may be forced to kill to stop those who seek to murder.

    A word of advice from our instructor was when you go somewhere…restaurant, movies, etc….always sit close to the exit.

    The only thing about the above video is today it is no longer relevant (for the most part).  The police may not be coming.  The police will be protecting government buildings.  Millions of people saw what happened in Kenosha and were moved to anger.  While “Governor” Evers sent 125 national guard to Kenosha, all they did was stand behind the police and protect the gov’t buildings.  Did you see the police protecting private businesses or stopping people from lighting cars on fire at private businesses?  No? Me either.  Did you see the police provide any protection to innocent people like the 70 year old trying to save his livelihood?  That’s why well armed citizens rushed to the rescue and thank you Jack for setting up a fund for Kyle.  We may all have to be Kyle one day.   And I would not be in law enforcement today for any amount of money.  The pressure they are under is horrific.  A Must-See video about the true history of how central private bankers have been at the heart of every major war since the country was founded in 1776. All wars are bankers wars.



  2. I remember seeing a video a couple of years ago that talked about game shot for 12 gauge home defense.  At close range it still puts a fist size hole in an attacker but doesn’t penetrate doors or walls to other rooms. This was important to me when the kids still lived at home.

  3. Re BBQ cleaning service.  I used this company because of a coupon in the mail (3.3 star ratings).  Wouldn’t use them again, because while the BBQ looked great the guy left my bar top a mess, and I had to clean (drill out per manufacturers instructions) my burners because he skipped that step.  Only posting the link because they quote prices on their web page.

    He used power tools including…  A cordless drill with a wire brush, small belt sander, Dremel Multi-Max style oscillating sander, and a pen sander.

    I know other operations in the area use steam cleaners ( and  These two businesses get 5 star ratings.  If I get desperate enough to hire someone again, I’ll try one of the 5 star outfits.

    A couple pointers…

    -Make friends with local high-end BBQ shops, see if you can leave business cards on their sales counter.  By high-end I mean the shops that sell the $3000-$12,000+ BBQs.  Offer them a kickback on any referral customers if they need a little motivation.

    -Ask which manufacturers are popular in your area and consider getting “Factory Certified” for cleaning and repair.  This should get you wholesale/dealer pricing on parts.

    -Setup a website with before and after pics and customer testimonials.  Offer discounts on future cleanings as an incentive.  Also post your freakin pricing!  “Base pricing” is fine, along with some CYA language about the condition of the BBQ and/or extenuating circumstances like rat nests.

    -Be responsive and answer your phone!

    -Clean the BBQ so well and leave the surroundings so clean it would make your Mom proud.

    -Offer add-on services like…

    –Cleaning and sealing stone/tile/wood of the guys with full-on outdoor kitchens.

    –Handy with electronics?  How about outdoor audio/video systems. Lighting, Wifi, umbrellas (with lights), etc. etc.

    –Handy with plumbing?  How about outdoor sink/faucet or filtered water spigot?  Outdoor ice maker installation.

    –Basically anything you can dream of to create an awesome outdoor man-cave like fire pits or chimeneas, patio heaters, and on and on.





  4. Amen brother.

    Good to see you’re still saying it like it is. Watched the video because a fellow TSPer you know (became life best friend) shot it my way.

    I’ve been avoiding the media for nearly a year now. This is the second time I did this. The first time was in 2016, when I didn’t know who was running for election, nor who won over I think 3 to 6 months? I found out during that time, that paying attention to the media absolutely didn’t serve me, and nothing they ever talked about touched me.

    This time was different. I showed up at the office with people acting weird for weeks. All of a sudden people starting to wear masks and won’t stop talking about “where this is going.” Little did I know they were talking about the B.S. now known as COVID. Just strange. At the moment, I’m doing contract work up near your old home town in PA. This place, prior to March, was pretty nice, now, its insane.

    Still have the TSP silver proof coins #7, #8 and #9. Should add, I paused writing this, to purchase a country mill wheat grinder and a bunch of 5 gallon pails of wheat and lentils. Prepping, I mean living the good life, rocks.

    I’ve got three daughters now, and while I don’t wish them to grow up in a silly “break down America”, they’ll be ready if needed.

  5. There is a need for BBQ cleaners. My 14 year old grandson started doing some yard jobs for his neighbors. They have a neighborhood facebook group.  Those he did some work for, posted about how they enjoyed his help. He started getting more calls.
    One neighbor paid him $20 for simply taking out her garbage and she would rather not do it.  All kinds of odd jobs.
    One person wanted a 50lb bag of something moved and her grill made spotless.  He had never done that before.  The 2 of them decided he was not the person for that job.  She is still looking for a grill cleaner.  (He really had no idea how to do it).

    • I’d tell any customer that wanted a “spotless grill” to go screw. It is not a reasonable thing to expect nor a thing that provides any lasting value. Some customers should be fired, some should never be hired in the first place.

  6. Head for the REDOUBTS of Appalachia and the Inland NW East of the Cascades, while you can

    • While some have not read The Art of War and it shows, some of you have read too much James Wesley Rawles and it also shows.

    • No but we are rapidly on the way to doing so, in some areas anyway. Bosnia is a lot smaller than the US.

  7. Jack, when you talk about civil war that is not like the Civil War, I think Kentucky. If I remember correctly, during the Civil War people there were split about 50/50, so while there was not a whole lot of organized warfare, there was a lot of village on village, farm on farm and brother on brother fighting.  IIRC it ended up one of the worst States to be in during the civil war, body count-wise.  And I agree with your assessment – if it happen again it’ll be more like Kentucky, less like Gettysburg.