Episode-1858- Expert Council Q&A for 8-26-16 — 6 Comments

  1. “exercise for those who hate to exercise.”

    It’s because you feel like shit. and you feel like shit because of what you eat.

    Yes, when you get your diet right (for me strict paleo with lots of healthy fat) you will feel half you age and want to exercise.

    But you won’t do it – that is eat right.

    blah blah blah..

  2. Thank you to the always-resourceful and interesting Erika for some timely advice on dealing with working in the heat! The question reminded me of the old-time drink switchel, always served at our local wheat harvest festival: an old New England thirst-quencher of apple cider vinegar, molasses, ginger and water. Here is a recipe:
    You can use various sweeteners, but I looked up the potassium content for molasses: over 430 mg per serving, right up there with coconut water! (Of course, you don’t have to use so much molasses if you prefer it less sweet.) Apple cider vinegar adds some potassium too. The old-timers were pretty smart.
    This is a strong-flavored drink and might take a little getting used to; you could dilute it with more water if you like it milder. It reminds me, though, of what Jack says about seaberry juice: when you drink it, especially on a hot day, you feel it is what your body has been looking for. And the ingredients are certainly inexpensive and widely available.

  3. OK, here’s the breakdown on that cheap and easy DIY electrolyte mix.

    2 part fine salt (ideally sea salt)
    1 part Lo-Salt brand salt substitute.

    Add 1/4 tsp of this mix to a quart of water to get:
    Per Quart:
    -440 mg sodium
    -150 mg potassium
    Per Cup:
    -110 mg sodium
    -38 mg potassium

    Sweeten with with 1 tsp sweetener of choice (sugar, honey, maple syrup, etc.) per cup of electrolyte water. Use less or more as desired, but 1 tsp of sugar per cup will give you a drink with almost the same nutritional properties of Gatorade.
    Linda – great idea and excellent point on the potassium in molasses! Reminds me of another super refreshing old timey drink – the shrub! Basically a lightly sweetened, dilute vinegar drink. Yum! Great suggestions, thanks!

  4. I love working out. The cardio is monotonous, no matter what I’m doing, but I noticed a huge change when I fell off the diet wagon. My diet has been “meh” lately, and I’ve been kind of rubbish when it comes to energy. Need to get back on that. Good timing on this question.

  5. Probably slim chances but anyone in the Hampton Roads Virginia area likes coconut water Farm Fresh has 8oz cans on sale right now.

    10 cans for $1.00. That’s not a typo. I picked up 74 cans and it came out to $8 with tax. It’s 100% coconut water too. No bs added.

    Just thought I’d share and possibly help at least one person.