Episode-2068- Expert Council Q&A for 8-18-17 — 3 Comments

  1. Add to Nurse Amy’s answer. I keep a sling in my riding bag since I hit a dog last year. I high sided and broke my right collar bone. From personal expirence, you nor your buddies (let alone a rando Good Samaritan) will be able to tie the triangle bandage into a sling over your gear.

    Other personal data point: if I had saddle bags or strapped the bag to the back seat, I would have walked away with bangs and bumps instead of a broken shoulder. The extra weight affects how you are forced off the bike in a crash. So if you can get the weight off of you and on to the bike, do it.

  2. On the question of thistle it is not exactly true, in my limited experience, that cattle don’t eat thistle. Even in a pasture full of many things they prefer more they have eaten thistle in our pasture. They just never eat it while it is standing unless they have no other choice. If I walk the pasture with a lopper and cut the thistle leaving it lay on the ground they actually seem to want to eat it. They will walk along looking for and eating the downed thistle only in this situation. As I said my experience is limited but this has been my observation. Of course this does not get rid of the thistle because it will grow back.

    • Our cows like the wilted/cut broad-leaf type thistle as well. Not all thistles are the same and can vary in the same field. What we call yellow star thistle here can only really be killed if you get the long tap root. Our goats are the best at removing all the various thistle types and even then they need to get it before it fully heads out.