Episode-2274- Expert Council Q&A for 8-17-18 — 9 Comments

  1. Thought just occurred to me, (a little off topic, I know)
    Jack, you mentioned a few months back that some of the more crazy Roman emperors (Cladius, and others, I think) may have had venereal diseases (syphilis etc), because their wealth and powered enabled them to have many and multiple sexual partners, and especially at a time when medical care was week and condoms had no been invented.

    That makes perfect sense to me as a theory.

    Just wondering could it be the case that Donal Trump may have contracted some brain damaging bacteria or virus from some prostitute he may have shaken hands with in his life?

    And if so are their other more level headed people watching over him to prevent him nuking anyone?

    I should say one thing about the Donald, he has not started any new wars unlike the many plonkers who held the president office before him.

    • That would be doubtful, we screen for stuff like that now and no one is more screened than the POTUS.

  2. Jack, you mentioned a number of times that you follow a palia diet (with no grains and no beans, I think).

    Just wondering, if cattle or turkies are fed grains, (rolled barley, soy etc), then would the ‘anti palio’ components within the animal feed get passed up through the cattle and turkies and end up in their meat and then eventually end up in the human’s digestive system ?

  3. Anyone know a method of finding the exact location of a wasps nest one’s property without following the feckers back to the nest and risking getting stung?

    Anyone know of a safe way to neutralise a wasps nest from a distance?

    • Greetings Michael,

      Just stand still in your yard and watch the flight patterns of the wasps. It is like an airport, they will go to and from one location.

      As for getting rid of them their are two ways that I know of:

      1. Dry Ice chunk on the opening with a bucket overturned over it, then a rock on the bucket.

      2. A cup of dish soap down the opening and garden hose on full.

      WARNING: Do the above methods at night when they are dormant/asleep or you might get stung. Also they have two sentries on duty at the nest opening 24/7.

      In Service,


  4. Jack or John Puglanio, could either or both of you have a wild guess as to when the next big recession will start to kick in ?

    I’m interested in your hunches ?

    More poison ivy perles
    Urushiol, the oily resin responsible for the contact dermatitis we all love is volatile in warm weather.  When the temperature exceeds 80-85 degrees F small amounts are released into the air so just being close to the plant can cause the rash.  Walking by an extensive patch growing along a pathway was enough to give me a nice even bilateral dermatitis on my ankles that diminished as it went up my calves.
    That provided me with a nice opportunity to try a new herbal voodoo.  At least for me, the gold standard was not found in my pharmacy.  For about 30 years I have used a poultice of jewelweed (Impatiens capensis ) stems and leaves.  It grows in the  same areas as poison ivy in my neck of the woods.  Urushiol binds tightly to proteins in your skin then your immune system attacks this complex giving you the nasty rash.  I have tried modern remedies vs jewelweed in the past and every jewelweed always won in the era BJ ( before Jack).  So that day I made two jewelweed preps.  One with and one without comfrey.  Both neutralized the urushiol and provided rapid relief.  Not unexpectantly, the potion with comfrey healed faster and the rash/redness disappeared about 2 days faster.  Scratch too much before using jewelweed and now its infected with maybe Staph or Strep? … consider using plantain instead of comfrey but I haven’t tried this yet. 
       Washing off the oil helps if you can remove it before the complex forms.  If you touch the leaf you usually have about 30 minutes to remove the urushiol.  Wash with lukewarm NOT hot water.  Hot water will open up your pores and could allow the resin to penetrate deeper into the skin.  THANKS for the Fels Naptha advice.  Next time I am going to wash with Erica Strauss’s liquid laundry soap (The Hands On Home page 309).  It works great on stinky dirty old man clothes better than anything else I have tried and it is Fels-Naphtha based.  It also cleaned a stain off my counter top by accident that nothing else could, sometimes it pays to be a sloppy “cook”.
    To make my life easier, I now use my TSPAZ nutribullet Rx to make an easy poultice which I can store in the refrigerator for a few weeks.  Jewelweed is edible so I can use it to a smoothie or whatever without having to wash it (lazy bachelor?) then I use one of the TSPAZ basting brushes to apply the poultice and store a zip lock bag between uses. 
    Thanks Jack and Friends for helping me live a better life every day even though there are  no Zombies at the front door

  6. Before using one of the ivy block creams, be sure and test the cream on a small area before using.   One of my sons had bought a place which had much poison ivy. He went out and bought a half dozen bottles of the stuff, stuff the loggers in our local area recommended, covered all his skin very well before going out to fight the ivy.  Soon he was burning and itching all over (before going outside) and had to shower off all the cream.  Turned out he was allergic to the blocking cream.

    Same thing with the stuff you put on after getting a rash.  I was like why are my poison ivy rashes getting so bad, not clearing up.  It took a while but eventually I learned that I am sensitive to tea tree oil and it is worse than the ivy oil (great stuff but not for me and I probably developed the sensitivity from using it not diluted in a carrier oil).

    Listen to your body, the steroid cream works great, but I learned that for me after several days use, it irritates my skin.  Aveeno products have always been very soothing.