Episode-2269- Expert Council Q&A for 8-10-18 — 9 Comments

  1. I’ve been wondering if the timing of this ‘trade war’ was deliberately chosen in part to allow negotiating time for acceptable deals to be struck and agreed upon by the fall, shortly before the midterm elections. If this ‘trade war’ gets resolved (for the time being anyway) in the next month or so, the boost that may give the markets would certainly be played for political advantage by the current party in power. The election itself I could give two shits about, but the investing implications of this hypothetical strategy are interesting… maybe this is part of the reason John says he’s favoring emerging markets?

    • John and I both favor emerging markets for a far different reason.  A decades long correlation on the moving average between them and domestic markets was broken a while ago.  Given the current state of affairs, that makes no sense today.  It must correct, and emerging either has to go up to meet the old correlation or domestic must come down.  It is a technical analysis sanity checked against real world reality.

      The trade war is barely a skirmish and the markets are heavily over reacting to it.  This is strait out of Regan’s play book he did the sort of things early on.  In the end the US didn’t get much out of it but he did “win” and it helped him a great deal.

      This doesn’t mean you are wrong about “the plan” though.  There have already been concessions made, more are coming.  The other side can give a lot and it is still really a little to them.  If timed right yea it is huge for the mid terms.  As I predict will be further North Korean concessions.

      N. Korea is going to give us everything we want, they just have to maintain a certain image to their people as they do.  What they want is to open up trade and modernize to a degree.  What they don’t want is a Berlin Wall or Ukraine On Fire moment as a result.

  2. Great info on lipomas.   I’ve been dealing with those in my dog for a couple years now.   He’s a 9 year old yellow lab.  My vet recommended removing one, and leaving another alone.   It can get quite expensive, even just to get the biopsy done is a couple hundred dollars.   The one I had removed was about $850.  Best of luck to those of you dealing with this!

  3. I wonder how sprouting would impact the dangerous lectins in grains and legumes?

    Does anyone have any information on that?

    • In most but not all instances it seriously reduces them or even eliminates them.  There are some legumes not safe for sprouting.  As I don’t do sprouting with legumes I don’t have any at the top of my head.  But some things are not safe to sprout, for a different reason for instance sorghum isn’t, sorghum sprouts can have cyanide in them!

      When ever you sprout something new just do a quick search for info on it first.

  4. Jack, how do you feel about buying Canadian Silver Maples?

    They are listed as .9999 pure silver vs .999 pure silver for the Eagles. Yeah, not a significant difference, so I’d consider them the same.

    They have a smaller premium on them compared to Eagles.

    They also have a higher ‘face’ value of $5 (CAD) vs $1 (U.S.). The exchange rate isn’t that big.

    Your thoughts?