Episode-2909- Expert Council Q&A for 7-8-21 — 4 Comments


    Proven, this works…4 years ago my ’07 Toyota Landcruiser would not start, Toyo dealership towed back to shop and found a rats nest amongst the electric cabling, chewed multiple portions of cable packaging, $1,700 later we’re back in business – UGGGH!!! Found out from Toyota that plastic cabling is coated with soy so VERY yummy for the Rotatouille’s and more reason to make it their home.

    SOLUTION: Multiple sets of 2 Un-used “Bounce” dryer sheets cable tied together and strategically cable tied throughout engine compartment so they don’t burn or get wet, stuffed in wheel wells, etc…replace every fall, 4 years now we have not had an issue!!!

    On side note works in outdoor furniture too, also tried to get Toyo to take responsibility for using food product that attracts vermin – YEA that didn’t work 🙁


  2. There’s some other angles to high blood pressure ..

    Exercise will help as do many supplements such as garlic. Fish oil and cq10 are good for the heart and may help prevent strokes. Fruits and vegetables are better than processed foods and losing extra weight so you are more on the thin side is good.

    Get a blood pressure meter so you can see were you are at. When it feels like life or death when you see what the meter is saying, suddenly giving up those cookies is not so hard and it may help motivate you to exercise also

  3. “The impediment to action advances action. What stands in the way becomes the way.”- Marcus Aurelius

  4. On peeling quail eggs:

    I found a technique used in Asian countries where they place the boiled eggs in cold water within a large bowl. Then they place a smaller bowl within and crack all the egg shells with it. Let sit for ~ 5 minutes and the water is able to permeate the membranes.

    I do this a bit differently, I use a similar electric kettle to the current TSPAZ one. I hold each egg inside the kettle under water, crack the wide bottom, then roll it around the inside cracking the rest of it. Then into the cold water bowl. The pointier eggs may need to have the very tip cracked too.

    It’s a bit more labor intensive, but this has turned into my easiest and fastest way to do 12-24 eggs at a time. Maybe I’ll put a video together showing it.