Episode-2038- Expert Council Q&A for 7-7-17 — 17 Comments

  1. Something I do to keep rotation simpler is mark anything going into the pantry with the date (sharpie). Specifically with the date format YYMMDD (today would be 170707). The advantage of this is that with a glance LOWEST number = oldest item.

    Started doing this with computer backups, as if you name things ‘170706 Backup’, ‘170707 Backup’ you can sort by name to find newest or oldest. (It just doesn’t work when you name MMDDYY which is what most people are used to).

    It also makes it easy to calculate how old a stored item is. Just use 30 days & 12 months as your ‘carry 1’.

    • Oh you and your fucking logic and reason. That is actually brilliant and simple.

  2. Hi Jack. Love your podcasts! Hope to join the MSB soon.

    Nicole Sauce mentioned a site for learning Word Press, but I don’t see it in your shownotes. Can you provide that, please?

    Figuring out WP is the next step for my independence from a J.o.b.
    Thank you for this and for all you do. So inspirational!

    • Howdy Marla, Here is the link! I hope it helps. ttp://

  3. Thank you Nicole!!

    Homemade soaps and other stuff. My best soap right now is honey oatmeal in lard and coconut oil.

    The site will be called Marla’s Garage Sale. I’ll also be selling miscellanous stuff – trying to downsize.

      • If the soap is a long term play, think about the brand promise you want to make with it, then see if the same promise is made from your garage sale items. If the soap is a high end thing, and the garage sale items link people with awesome deals on cool stuff, you may want to think about either reframing the garage sale items as more premium, reframe the soap, or separate the two “brands.” This is really just a first glance thing as I heard that combination. Because handmade soap feels like a premium product to me when you tell me about it. 😀

        • Thank you Nicole!

          Perhaps two separate websites? Linked to each other?

          Or perhaps the soap site with a seperate page(s) for the garage sale items?

          Your thoughts are greatly appreciated!

      • It depends on your long term priority – if the soap is that, build that brand and then figure out how you do the other temporary thing another way – either two sites, using existing networks like craigslist or shopify or even a free blog you set up. I am assuming the garage sale will not last long…

  4. The answer on storing fats from Erica was really good, thank you. That cleared up a lot of questions for me. I have some red feather canned butter that I’ve read somewhere hat it stores indefinitely. Is that anywhere near true? If it’s not very long term it may be too expensive to mess with.

  5. About Steven Harris answer, the foam boards would limit air flow, which is important for the hralth of the rabbits. Love the fan idea, but what we use us a mister system that hits them on and off. I believe Nick Ferguson talks about using misters with the burlap.