Episode-1611- Expert Council Questions and Answers for 7-3-15 — 41 Comments

  1. Apple cultivars that are “Very resistant” to Cedar Apple Rust

    Gala Supreme
    Gravenstein Holly
    Mollies Delicious

    This is not a complete list, just what I dug up real quick.

  2. Apple cultivars that are “resistant” to Cedar Apple Rust

    Arkansas Black
    Early McIntosh
    Golden Supreme
    Granny Smith
    Grimes Golden
    Maiden Blush
    Starkspur Earliblaze
    Yellow Transparent

    Also not a comprehensive list, but quite a few on this list.

  3. Regarding Jack’s musings about whether I’m being influenced by Eric Flint and the fictional story “1632”… that was a tongue-in-cheek remark on my part. Sorry, but, I have a compulsion to give credit where credit is due. King Gustav the 2nd Adolf was brought to my attention by the author Eric Flint and his minions (otherwise known as fans and co-authors) so I looked up information on the King. He is very well thought of amongst historians… especially Swedish historians as one might imagine. Any guesses as to how the King might have done had he lived longer are just guesses, but one assumes he would carry on being successful and that would have changed the balance of power in Europe.

    I credit anyone who sparks an idea that didn’t originate with me and when I looked up the information and it turns out to be true. I want to look an author in the eye and say, “I gave you credit for your idea and I thank you for it.” And I want them to say, “Thank you for expanding on my idea and giving me the credit.”

    BTW, I’m terrible when I tell a joke because afterward I always give credit for the joke if I heard it from someone else. It’s so crazy but that is what I do. Really.

    Beyond that, Jack’s reaction was perfectly natural and I would have said the same thing… because I did say the same thing for the history segment 1599. It is important not to draw our history from so-called historical novels… unless they are written by James Rollins. Then they are TOTALLY TRUE! (That was a joke for those with humor by-pass surgery.)

    But everything I know about West Virginia coal miners comes from Jack, the song “Sixteen Tons” and the novel “1632”. G-d help us all! 🙂 I plan to read more about it though.

    Alex Shrugged

  4. Regarding King Gustavus Adolfus…

    “At the age of nine he began to attend the sessions of the Riksdag; at thirteen he received ambassadors; at fifteen he ruled a province; at sixteen he fought in battle. He was tall, handsome, courteous, generous, merciful, intelligent, brave; what more could history ask of a man?”

    — “The Age of Reason Begins,” by Will and Ariel Durant, page 499.

  5. On the chicken organs and pate:

    Crostini Toscano (I hope I spelled that correct) is a traditional crostini from Tuscany. The topping is essentially a pate, made from chicken liver and heart.

    I’ve had pate before and didn’t care for it, but when I had this crostini I liked it.

    So might be worth a shot to look up a recipe for that.

  6. On the patty aweful (fr sp)ha. Keith mentioned using a food processor. I don’t recall hearing him say which attachments? Cheese grader? Other? I read in a chef book this might also be called forced meats? Which is like our commercial processed meat? or meat loaf with finer ground meat? I love to simplify things, sorry.

    I also assume you are simply grinding, chopping and mashing the meat mix and additives into a fine paste.

    I may have to listen again but you didn’t cook it right? Or did you cook the meat then make it with other ingredients into patty or (pat-ay)

  7. On the 5ton 900 series. Is there one best source where we should look for one over any others? With a quick search it looks like they go from $15,000 to $18,000. Looks like they have Cummins engines? Which you were saying is better than caterpillar for parts price.

    In the US Army Reserve I operated a 5 ton dump (1987 to 1994) I wonder if this is the same truck. We had standards then they went to automatics. I always wondered if the 5Tons was GVW or the amount we could haul in the dump bed. I also don’t recall how many yards of material the dump could haul. I think sides could be added to make it haul a few more yards.

    • When a truck says 1/2 ton, 5 ton, etc. it is the amount the vehicle is rated to haul.

      That said they can all haul more then their ratings. I just moved 1.5 tons of pavers in a half ton truck, all be it 10 miles and never took it over 45 and it was a bad idea. I didn’t really plan on it but got a deal on a pallet, they could load with a fork lift and the Ford was full of dirt.

      Basically though it is the weight the vehicle is rated to be able to safely haul.

    • I echo Jack’s cautionary remarks and add one of my own. When you are loading a truck you have to be very careful how you lay the load into it. Soil is a good example. If a small loader dumps a bucket of dirt into your truck, it really depends on how fast he dumps the dirt as to whether your suspension is ruined or your tires pop off. (FYI, you don’t want your tires to pop off.)

      Some types of soil, like sand, are fairly easy to load as long as the loader operator doesn’t tip his bucket too fast. However, if you are loading clay soil, the clay is going to come out of the bucket, more or less, in one big lump and drop a certain distance to the bed of your truck, thus adding apparent additional weight to your suspension and tires for a short time… probably not short enough for them to recover. Sometimes things break… bad things.

      Just so you know. A bucket of soil, especially when it is wet, it very heavy.

      Alex Shrugged

      • Had a loader operator dump a yard of loam into my f-150 in one big thump, from about 10′ up. I almost dragged him out of the loader and beat him. 2 weeks later my truck was in the shop getting a new rear end. The old one was BENT.

  8. Jack you mentioned a laser level on the show today. Can you give us a link or the name of it?

  9. Why is the movie Snatch starring Brad Pitt a cult classic with salesman? 🙂

  10. About history and believing, I like the quote from “The Man who shot Liberty Valence.”

    After Jimmy Stewart’s character admits to a newsman that he didn’t really shoot the gunfighter Liberty Valence, the newsman throws his notes in the fire and says,

    “This is the West, sir. When the legend becomes fact, print the legend.”


  11. John Pugliano’s analysis is some of the best I’ve ever heard, and I used to work for a major Wall St. firm… as an ANALYST!

    However, I only listened to it once, while replacing my kitchen faucet, so I may have missed it, but if he’s so confident with an ounce of gold = 15 barrels of oil. Why wouldn’t he be implementing a long oil/short gold strategy for his clients and personal account?
    From what I understood, wasn’t he the opposite?

  12. was asked a few questions.
    the tube should be swimming pool hose. black corrugated. put a fitting on the end pointing down so the water does not run in. black pipe is warm and is what makes the bees move up to the sun and the longest you can make the tube in 13 feet. the bees will make a new hole if longer then that.

  13. Thank you all for the informative episode.
    And Jack, you made my mouth water with your recipe.

  14. Hey Jack, i love the new expert shows, except for one thing… Michael Jordan. Every week he gives bad advice and says things that arent true. His “cut out” is not a cut out at all. It is a RIDICULOUS way to do a TRAP OUT, uses nasty chemicals and damages the tree. People that know what they are doing with removing bees don’t do that crap. Watch this video if you want to see a real bee tree trap out.
    Also… DONT OPEN FEED BEES FROM HUMMINGBIRD FEEDERS! It causes robbing, and can spread diseases such as american foulbrood. Jack i urge you to speak to some beeks about how much this guy actually knows.

    Love the show jack,
    The Hive Guy

      • I only have 1omins. could go in to mass deal. This is why we have talks. I do all kinds of beekeeping. I try all kinds of things.

        I am glad to have you reply, the more info you get the more you know.

        I only gave the reply on many levels….for some reason you hear take the bees out with chemicals, not the part about leave them… and then when you do you talk about about open feeding is bad, like you have never seen bees drink from a coke can.

        I am glad you bash your truck, I see i am getting you to see more then just one way. That Yes There holistic ways and chimerical ways, and backyard ways, and ways from Tibet or India that you have would have never thought of.

        It only works if you implement it. I wish I had the time to video everything I do. But I am do busy doing it and with lots of students.

        Like I said
        Thank You
        The Hive Guy.

        • I also heard the “leave them” part… I did not mention it because it is the only part of your reply that i did not take issue with. There ARE a million ways to keep bees… But not all of them are good. Exposing them to toxic chemicals, processed foods and corn syrup is not good.

          Where I live we have something in bloom all summer so our bees dont bother with soda and that crap much. The yellowjackets will go after it now and then.

        • Personally “Hive Guy” I find your arrogant and sanctimonious. I don’t think MJ should bother answering your further. I know Mike and I know what he has done, where he has been, etc. You are at this point to me nothing but talk.

      Well Chris, have you worked more then 1000 hives at one time?
      do you do more than 50 bee removals a year, and if so how many states do you work out of?
      What Country’s have you been a beekeeper in?

      There are hundreds of ways to work with bees. It is what works for the keeper.

      To mentor people is hard work. for your way of beekeeping may be wrong for everyone else that keeps bees, but works for you.

      I think the Best Bee Remover is JP the Bee man in the USA, just look him up on youtube. then Rob Mckay of Wildlife Abatement, LLC. they both do 50 to 100 bee removals a year. have done them for over 10 or more.

      The one thing I can say is Chris… Tell us how you would take this question.

      I am only trying to help others.

      open feeding has been around for ever. putting the food source close the hive will be dominated by that hive. AFB is a dead larva problem and hive with them are burned. I am sure that if he has bees in the tree and most likely the only hive there… your looking just bash a fellow keeper.

      Chris.. i wish you the best, and like your video on your page.

      if you want move the bees from the tree with a screen tube.. you will be there for ever.

      • Michael,
        Just because a practice has been around forever doesn’t mean it is a good idea. How long were skeps used for? Anywhere you have MASSIVE amounts of bees from many colonies congregating you run the chance of a disease vector being passed off. Furthermore, if you open feed near a hive during a nectar dearth you WILL incite robbing.

        I do not have 1000 hives, I have only lived in the US and I typically do only 10 bee removals a year. I am familiar with JP and he has excellent advice for doing cut outs. I didn’t see any videos of him drilling 3″ diameter holes in a live tree trunk and then pouring butyric acid in.
        I am absolutely certain that you have never done a trap out this way. I believe that you do care very much about bees, but if you don’t have the experience don’t just google it.

        Using a trap with a cone of window screen doesn’t take forever. It takes 30-60 days. Within 2 weeks of setting it up there would be very little activity at the hive entrance except for a few bees washboarding in the afternoon. There is no reliable way to get the queen out of a bee tree without cutting her out. Using enough butyric acid to push out a queen would make butyric acid fumes come down the tube into your bait hive as well and the queen would not stop when she exited the tube. She would take off to a tree somewhere and the whole hive would abscond with her.

        I would have answered the question by telling the guy how to build a one way trap out of window screen and setting up a bait hive with a frame of brood from one of the swarms out of the bee tree. When the bees cant get back in and they go into the bait hive which smells like brood, they will make a new queen with the brood in there from the swarm hive, thus keeping the same genetics (on the female side) as the bee tree.

        Honestly the best thing this gentleman can do is move his mailbox to another place on his house, or build a deflector board that mounts a foot away from the hive entrance and only allows the bees to fly up and out. That would instantly change their flight path to and from the hive, angling it upwards and away from the mailman, fedex guy, and landscapers. Problem solved. He could even make it look like a bird house so it would look nice, as opposed to a 2″ wide black pool vaccuum hose zip tied onto his tree.

        As far as you stating that you have over 1000 hives… John Miller (of “More Than Honey” fame) owns Miller Honey Farms. Last I heard he has 10x the hives that you have and he strips every drop of honey from his hives and feeds them medicated high fructose corn syrup. He trucks his bees all over the country. By your logic HE MUST be doing it right! After all he has 10,000 hives! If you haven’t watched “More Than Honey”, watch it. You will see Miller splitting hundreds of hives at a time using machines, scraping the bees off the roof of his building with 5 gallon buckets and dumping them back into random hives, sans honey. He also pumps in the corn syrup using a GAS PUMP. And he has 10,000 hives.

        Michael I am sorry about my blunt comments, I do not mean to attack you personally I just don’t feel that your advice is frequently not any good. I’m glad you enjoyed the video, everyone either loves it or hates it!

        To the caller, please click on the link to email me or go to my site and get in touch with me. I can show you how to quickly, easily and cheaply redirect the bees so they can stay in the tree, or if you have to remove them, I can show you how to do that too. PLEASE don’t drill a giant hole in your tree and dump in butyric acid.

        Jack, I am sorry for highjacking the show thread. I am just passionate and knowledgeable about bees and beekeeping and every time Michael comes on I end up punching the steering wheel in my truck. At this rate I’ll end up with an airbag light on soon.

  15. Yeah, I know Gary said “I’m kidding” but he was right on with my motivation. Bean soups, mexican food, hummus? Lots of legume-related foods I really like. But, oh well, life’s not that easy. Also, I chuckled at the idea of a bean lobby funding fake science articles.

  16. I have always cooked beans with garlic. A kilo of beans goes in the pot with a head of garlic. The reason for the garlic I’ve always been told is to neutralize the gas. The same goes for epasote, though I seldom use it.

    I have never had problems with beans, but then again, I’ve been eating them all my life.

  17. Amazing show, this new format for the council is kicking ass every Friday. I emailed myself “chronological bookmarks” several times during this show so I can go back and study things later. Don’t let it go to your head Jack, but honestly, the value in these expert episodes is unmatched.

  18. Hey Jack,
    Your comment system wouldn’t let me reply directly to your comment so i will do so here. I am sorry that you find my comments “arrogant and sanctimonious” because i find issue with a “biodynamic” beekeeper telling people to use toxic chemicals, plastic hoses and sugar water to manipulate bees. That is the exact OPPOSITE of biodynamic! I am also sorry that you mistake passion for arrogance. I would think that you of all people would know the difference. I guess maybe you are going the way of Metallica.

    I am one of your oldest listeners(right around ep. 20… I never did win that ipod nano) but lately i have been drifting from the show. I think your comment is starting to make me understand why. I miss the jetta days.
    Signing off
    The Hive Guy (Chris from MA)

    • Frankly don’t let the door hit your ass on the way out. Your accusations are rude, the use of what Mike described was a short term one time use. Get a damn clue and entire HIVE turns over in what 6-8 weeks.

      You talk shit about people in public you might get responded to the same way.

      • Let me add had you said something like,

        “I disagree with a lot Mike says, I prefer to do this and that and here is why”, something like that, I would have been fine with it.

        But basically your take is nothing this guy says is right, everything is wrong and “none of his advice is any good at all”. Yes arrogant and sanctimonious and not worth the key strokes I have used to respond. Frankly I should start running the comments here like Paul Wheaton runs his forum.

        No one talking shit about anyone else, you present your views for the way you see things and if that isn’t strong enough your argument is simply weak.

      • This reminds me somehow of how I found Permaculture. It was a guy bitching about joe Salatins use of Plastic in farming in the comments of a youtube video. How it poisons the ground and the chickens. And he was raveing on about how to do it right and how his guru David Holmgren would be against it. He posted links and after peeling back the layers of purple I found my Teacher Geoff Lawton 😉

        • Lawton of course will use plastic for certain applications. I bet David would as well.

  19. Exactley, Lawton, Holmgren and Mollison will think of alternatives before useing it but if there is nothing better, will call it appropriate technology.

    • Hold on here, I think Hive Guy has a valid point. That buryric acid stuff is pretty nasty, It’s the same stuff that the Sea Shepherd wackos throw at the japanese fishing fleet. Geoff Lawton uses plastic, but does he use Roundup, or other noxious chemicals? I went through bee school last winter (didn’t put my order in on time yet so I don’t have bees yet) and our instructor told us not to use that stuff, that it was toxic, burns your eyes and nose and smells AWFUL. Apparently it will even strip the paint right off your car! He said Bee Quick works almost as good and is all natural. Just my $0.02

      • Okay well at least that is how you make your case with out crapping on Mike, thanks for that.

        This is my view, THIS IS NOT FOR MANAGING BEES, this is to get them the HELL OUT of a tree. This is ONE TIME AND DONE.

        Would Geoff use roundup? Probably for specific things! Working with Mark Shepard together his team and our team in fact did recommend ONE application of Roundup in a SPECIFIC portion of an installation to simply knock back weeks for the first year of tree establishment.

        Same thing, used ONE TIME for this and never again.

        I use bull dozers and excavators but I don’t use them over and over, earthworks and done.

        Purism leads to elitism and that always leads in my view to dumb decisions due to a refusal to use appropriate tools and technology due to misguided ideology.