Episode-2474- Expert Council Show for 7-19-19 — 2 Comments

  1. Used vehicle option:

    By a salvaged vehicle from a reputable “car flipping” company for about 50-60% of bluebook value.

    A friend of mine turned me onto a guy ( who buys newer cars with minor damage which have been written off by insurance companies and sold at auction.  He restores and sells them at great prices.  My friend has been dealing with this guy for about 10yrs, and purchased 5 cars, I’ve purchased one and am quite happy with it.  Mine is a 2016 coup, purchased in 2016 with 4,200 miles.  The same model was on dealer lots at the time for $50K+, and I paid $30K.  I had it checked out by a local mechanic friend and a dealer, the only thing they noted was scrape marks in the undercarriage.  I’m at about 24,000 miles on it now with no issues.

    Ournextcar, in Kalifornia, will ship vehicles but you can probably find someone in your area doing the same thing.  My guy does take special orders, which requires a deposit, I’d guess similar companies would do the same.  He buys most of his cars from if you want to get an idea of possible inventory.  If you’re handy, maybe buy and fix yourself.


  2. I love that song at the end, I felt myself stand taller.

    But I also realized, we told our 9/11 attackers how to defeat us… all they needed to do is embed enough infiltrators in our society to keep us from all pulling back together afterwards against their home countries.

    If a 9/11 type attack happened today, would Americans close ranks like we did in 2001?

    Outsiders are going to bring us down by rotting out the core of our society that held us together after the attacks.

    God Bless America.                                   -Laura