Episode-1828- Expert Council Q&A for 7-15-16 — 5 Comments

  1. Jack, do you know if there are already items in our Amazon cart, will you still get credit if we use your link and then checkout immediately? If I fill my cart from the mobile app, I could then wait until I get to a PC to use the link and check out.

    Also, can you not comply with Amazon by using a link like “” or something? Then it’s not the root domain, but still very easy to type or bookmark directly. Not sure if Amazon would like that either, so just a thought.

    • The answers are

      I don’t think so and no.

      I think you have to click a link then add items for us to get credit.

      On the redirection, it isn’t a top domain issue it is that they can’t see where the traffic is coming from, they require all visitors to KNOWINGLY click a link.

      While what I was doing was not fraud it could be used for fraud in a variety of ways, ways I will not explain because they can only be used for bad things.

  2. For Sue, what is the iPhone app you use for listening to books? Thanks for the help.