Episode-2469- Expert Council Show for 7-12-19 — 9 Comments

  1. Jack,


    Vic Armani’s inclusion was Freakin’ OUTSTANDING!!!


    Thanks for all you do.  Again , Awesome!!!!!

  2. A note on the calling over wifi thing. After looking into it, turns out USCellular doesn’t enable the feature for their customers, because they can’t get it to work or something. But they are always a few years behind in that kind of stuff.

    And they are one of the only ones that have general service in my area. Oh well. Just wanted to leave the note for anyone that might be trying to figure it out on their phone that have USCellular.

  3. For Steven Harris: You talk about two antennas connected to your jetpack; is there an optimum spacing between these two antennas?

  4. Reddit agrees, US Cellular does not offer it. Sucks to be them. Get Google Voice (for free) and they will give you a free phone number and make calls over wifi OR use Skype and skype WILL use your US Cellular Phone number for CALLER ID, so you call with skype, but it comes up with your cell phone caller ID. I DO THIS, I OWN THIS, have done this for YEARS, and you can make your call over wifi. Just don’t say, “It does not work for me” and give up. Work the problem. 🙂 Steve

  5. I just drove for 3 hours and they were about 1 foot apart. 1 antenna did not like 80mph, I have to move it, I’d of put one on 1 side of the truck and the other on the other side of the truck but I was to lazy to run it through the passenger door. That was with the cheap $8 antenna, which, have a HELL of a connector on them for going to the jetpack.

    Like I said, I just drove for 3 hours and on the phone via wifi calling the whole way….and I drove through dead spots


  6. Steve,
    Oh, well, I’ll look into those! I use a Google voice number for our business number (paired with (Omega?) internet phone service, great way to get a free land line), so I’m familiar with how it works. I’ll look into that! And skype as well.

    Thank you!!

  7. Hey Steve, any suggestion to boost my cell phone service?  I have an old grandfathered true unlimited data plan that does not get slowed down and use over 100 gigs a month.  I would love to us a jetpack but I need to use my cell phone.