Episode-2687- The Expert Council Show for 7-10-20 — 4 Comments

  1. Great pick for song of the day!

    Excited for whats coming.  Being less of a watcher, becoming a doer.


  2. Enjoyed the show as always.  Regarding your segment…

    You brought up the example of a small town economy driven by a local college they could implode due to the coming changes.  You also talked about the exodus from the big cities as many employees go permanently remote.  It seems to me these soon-to-be-vacated college towns would make ideal locations for those people to relocate to.  And for those communities that makes opportunity!

    I sure would like to hear your thoughts about other post-storm possibilities which might arise from the ashes.

    • I have an eight part series coming out on the problems, then a series on the opportunities it will create. This is one but for it to work it will have to be done consciously by someone, either the organizer or a community.

      The migration pattern will be very scattered, it will take intention to make your idea work and some will pull it off, most will not.