Episode-2234- Expert Council Q&A for 6-8-18 — 6 Comments

  1. Only comments I can offer for Charles’ comments is that garage kept ATV’s that are rarely ridden do get sold, but they are usually sport quads not utility quads.  Also the flatbed is a really good idea.

    I’ll also add that used 4×4 trucks that move at all never seem to drop below $1500-2000 here (mid-MO) (even 20-30 years old), but somewhat decent 4×4 SUV’s, with 4 low, with minor issues drop to scrap value.  Example, there’s a road legal 90’s Mitsubishi Montero with small lift and new offroad tires for sale near me for $800. 

    The heavier the wood and brush on the land, the more important width and turning radius becomes.  If it’s wide open, take the F150 and go nuts, especially if it was near end of life anyway.  On 10 acres, if it’s too muddy for the truck, walking is always an option.

  2. My thoughts on history Antonius? did not want the job of emporer he did bring about a golden age of peace. George Washington did not want to be king he was still the best president in my opinion. Seems like ambition is a big negative for being a ruler. At least from the people’s perspective.

  3. Jack,
    Where would you live if family wasn’t a factor?

    I realize climate, culture, disaster risk factors, cost, quality of life all play into a decision like this, but based on the parts of the U.S. you’ve been to so far, where would you settle if you were to move from the Fort Worth area and bring your kids and grand kids with you?