Episode-2675- The Expert Council Show for 6-5-20 — 1 Comment

  1. Many thanks to John Pugliano for great suggestions in his answer to my ham radio question. I will be considering them very closely.

    In particular, he suggested I work with the end in mind, i.e., if i am going to pursue higher ham radio licenses in the future, then my equipment selections should perhaps reflect that goal. Indeed, I plan to go at least as far as the General class to get greater access to the shortwave bands, so going with more of a multi-band radio is well worth considering.

    Also, I really liked his idea about powering the rig in the base station configuration from a vehicle battery on trickle charger. Not only does this keep the system up during a power outage, but facilitates relocation for field ops or a bugout situation.

    Again, great suggestions and many thanks.