Episode-2035- Expert Council Q&A for 6-30-17 — 12 Comments

  1. For anyone considering buying a car out of state, let me say I did it and it was the best way to buy a car I know. I won’t spam the name here unless Jack asks, but the place was in Florida, I am in Pittsburgh.

    I found what I wanted, had it inspected for $80 by a guy moved down there from Brooklyn. He was a piece of work, let me tell you. But he was 40 years working on cars and awesome. He fails 1/3 of the cars he sees, IOW he says he would not buy them. So he is no shill.

    Flew down on the first flight out, got there mid-afternoon. Saleslady picked me up at the airport. Drives me to the lot. I test drive. We do paperwork. I drive off the lot.

    I drove back overnight. I loaded up on coffee and had been a courier before where I worked occasional 24 hour shifts so am used to this. I also have the unusual ability to stay awake in cars, in fact I CAN’T fall asleep in a car most times. If I was a trucker I would have been way over my limit as it is a 20 hour trip.

    Gas, flight, and food was about $500 vs $900 to have it show at my door, plus I saved $100 in their doc ship fees.

    When I got home I looked online, I drove off the lot for $3,000 less than asking (no taxes, etc) for an identical car. Well worth it!

  2. We bought a car online last year, and I can’t recommend it enough as the ultimate way to buy a car. The deals you can find if you’re patient are unbelievable. In our case, we wanted a new Prius and live in an area where dealers have no problem selling used Priuses for close to MSRP and new Priuses for over MSRP.

    I focused my search on areas of the country where people drive giant pick up trucks instead of tiny hybrids, and found a 2016 with less than 10,000 miles on it for thousands and thousands of dollars less than it would’ve cost us new. For our third party inspection we used Lemon Squad, who were great.

    One tip though that I didn’t know until a friend mentioned it after the fact- You can sometimes save a few hundred bucks by being as easygoing as possible when working with the shipping company. Time (and miles) is money to a trucker, so if you’re a bit off the highway and are willing to just go meet them at a truck stop immediately off whatever interstate they’re driving down, they’re more than happy to pass those savings off to you.

  3. Yes on the YouTube recommendations. I’m always looking for something worth subscribing to, related to this genre. It’s hard to sift through all the junk channels.

  4. Love, love, love these expert panel shows. It’s like listening to a talking encyclopedia.

    Great job everybody!