Episode-2461- Expert Council Q&A for 6-28-19 — 2 Comments

  1. My oldest son had one of those same electric/generator mowers which he was very excited about, he had 2 acres. Similar results. Seems all it took was 1 sweetgum ball to kill it.  Eventually they quit fixing it and gave him his money back.
    He used the bush hog on a borrowed tractor for a bit, paid someone to mow for him other times. Got 2 electric Kobalt push mowers. (He hates gas yard tools) Work great on small yards, not so good on 2 acres. Then he got a new electric riding mower which he loves.  (couple years later) No issues.  Gave me one of his electric Kobalt mowers which I love. He doesn’t have a Tesla yet, on his wish list.  People would say but they are so expensive, and his response, look at that pickup truck, and that pickup truck, I can get a Tesla for commuting for less than that. (He works remote/home office thus not picked one up yet)

  2. After a few incidents with our kids and their teachers, we taught our kids to respond to teachers who taught concepts incorrectly or felt their position always made their opinions the correct answer by simply responding with:  “you may be right”.