Episode-2030- Expert Council Q&A for 6-23-17 — 12 Comments

  1. On the subject of walking as exercise as part of the TIIP discussion, if anyone in TSP-land works in front of a computer all day (particularly if you work from home or a progressive enough office to allow it), I *highly* recommend looking into a walking desk. I have a LifeSpan under-desk walking treadmill paired with a Jarvis electronically adjustable standing desk and it has been nothing short of life-changing. I went from sitting all day to just passively walking 10+ miles while working.

    You’d think it would be distracting to be walking while typing or doing whatever you need to do on your computer, but once you get the hang of using it, it’s like your brain just moves walking to a background task and handles it while you focus on working. In fact, it seems the more mentally intensive the task is that I’m working on, the faster I can have the treadmill going without it being an issue.

    If this sounds like something you’d like to try, keep an eye on your local Craigslist, where people are always selling their New Year’s resolution exercise equipment for pennies on the dollar. I picked up my whole setup for a few hundred bucks, and have friends who have spent even less just buying old unwanted treadmills and modifying them enough to work as a desk. There’s lots of guides online and different ways people have done this, ranging from just securing a board across a treadmill’s handles to re-wiring how the controls are arranged to slide under a desk.

    How much this changes your overall fitness level is seriously just unbelievable, as you’re turning hours of your day which your body would just be totally at rest into active exercise, all without interrupting your work flow or taking any more time out of your day.

  2. Wow! I believe men should bend over backwards for their wives, but insisting on Ragu would be cause for divorce. That’s the bridge to far. And Erica trying to find s recipe that competes with Ragu; Ketchup competes with Ragu.

  3. Oh and regarding xanthan gum- I originally bought some on Amazon for a small batch of gluten-free baking I was doing. I didn’t realize just how little xanthan gum you use for most recipes, so I bought what seemed like a normal amount of any spice or baking ingredient you’d otherwise go to the trouble of buying online. With WAY more xanthan gum than I’ll ever use in a lifetime in my kitchen, I’ve been looking for other ways to use it and stumbled across the best:

    You know how when you’re juggling a bunch of stuff on the stove for dinner trying to get everything done at the same time and you end up overcooking zucchini, mushrooms, or other vegetables with high water content that just end up sitting in a pool of their own liquid if you cook them too long? Xanthan gum fixes that.

    What I did was find a salt shaker with super tiny holes used for popcorn salt (as my xanthan gum is ultra-fine, not sure if that’s how it all is) and just sprinkle a few dashes over my vegetables. What happens then is what otherwise would just be liquid in your pan thickens with the xanthan gum into something that has a consistency closer to gravy, or the sauce that comes with Chinese takeout.

    I actually prefer over-cooking mushrooms now, as I can toss some xanthan gum in, which automatically makes a “sauce” of sorts that also incorporates whatever spices you’re cooking your mushrooms with beautifully. It’s so easy, and works so well, that it was a serious “Eureka!” moment in the kitchen when I did it the first time.

    A word of warning though- A little xanthan gum goes a LONG way, WAY farther than you’d think. When I say “sprinkle,” I mean it, the finest dusting of xanthan gum is all you need.

  4. Re filecoin and the other distributed storage platforms. Can end users be held liable if illegal content ends up on there hard drive?

    • Interesting question but I wonder if it is even actually possible. As you would never have complete data for anything.

      • I’m not going to pollute your seo with the particular content I’m talking about but I have a feeling you can get in trouble for having any part in it. Be it a complete file or a piece of a file.

        • I still question if it is possible. In other words what you have isn’t that or any other content, what you have are pieces and parts of things, those are in cryptographic strings.

          Even with the ability to decrypt them, they still make no sense without the other fragments. The parts are not like a part of an image or a part of a video, with one set of parts you’d still have nothing.

          The concern is real but from a practical sense finding anything you could go after someone for on their machine seems very unlikely. Though you bet they would if they could and make a huge scary deal about it if they did.

  5. I mean this in the nicest possible way…

    But Doc Bones’ answers are on par with “I read this on Web MD.”

    I’m not making a judgement call about him. His knowledge, his abilities as a doctor are exceptional, I’m sure. But almost every Doc Bones segment could have been read straight off a google search.

    What he says is what any doctor would say. It’s a regurgitation of what they’ve been taught. That’s fine, of course, doctors are busy people and what he’s saying is industry standard. But this is the *Expert* council. A group of people who have such vast knowledge of a topic that they not only provide an answer to a question but also bring fantastic insight into why problems happen and how the mechanisms of the solution work. When an Expert Council answers a question you get good advice and you learn a lot, too.

    I can’t stress this enough. I’m sure Doc Bones is an exceptional Doctor and a wonderful human being. But lately I can’t help but wonder if he’s right for the Expert Council.

    • I was going to comment about Doc Bone’s answer about the Gardisil vaccine but supershak beat me to it. Doc’s answer on emergency medicine have been great and very informative and insightful, but on most of his answers on many of these more controversial topics, like vaccines, he always falls on the side of the establishment talking points. I am glad Jack did offer a counter view to it and there is even more information that Jack did not even cover with it. There have been deaths associated from young people vaccinated with it and many more forever injured by it, although reporting of injuries and deaths tend to be shrugged off and associated with anything else but the vaccine. Jack’s reporting of Gardisil only being possibly effective on a couple of the strains is correct and the revenue made by Merck from it has been astronomical ($860 million in 2016). PATTERN RECOGNITION- do you see any here? Just because you call me paranoid doesn’t mean they are not really after me….