Episode-2016- Expert Council Q&A for 6-2-17 — 11 Comments

  1. For the gut hook issue, you might think about circle hooks. They are now mandatory for grouper and snapper in Florida because of the gut hook issue. It still does happen every now and then but most of the time the hook is in the side of the lip where they are designed to go. Just don’t set the hook with these, just lift the rod and start reeling otherwise you tend to lose the fish. Another thing to keep in mind is that fish are used to eating things that poke. As long as you are using non stainless hooks, just cut the line and leave the hook in. It will eventually rust away and the chances are the fish will be fine.

    • Problem is they don’t work very well on smaller fish. I am going to try it but have my doubts.

      I use them when snook fishing and when fishing for big cats all the time.

  2. So Antifuego can only be bought in store in Texas? I didn’t see a way to order online.

    • Damn I guess they stopped shipping it, this sucks! Gonna have to start making my own I guess.

  3. Thank you to Alex Shrugged for the many hours of hard work you’ve put into the history segment! It’s become a favorite of mine and it’s cool to add something from the past from which we can learn something still very relevant to today. Thank you sir!

    And thank you to Southpaw Ben for contributing thus far and carrying on this legacy. Moving forward I had envisioned a “this date in history” type thing, but starting over at year One and catching up to where Alex Shrugged started is a pretty freakin cool idea too!

  4. I completely agree with all the sentiments regarding Alex’s work with the history segment. Really appreciated all the hard work you guys put into it. Best of luck to you, to good health and success on future endeavors.

  5. Also, shoutout to Steven Harris for an awesome expert council answer! I went back and listened to that segment a second time today so I could make sure I got product info correct and double check how he was recommending things be set up for this hike. While I’m not planning a hike, all of this can be used to greatly improve my blackout kit! Of course at home I have access to my vehicles, inverters and battery bank, but adding a solar charger would be cool too and in that scenario since I’m not hiking around it will do fine sitting flat in the sun all day. Looking forward to the videos you mentioned!

  6. To the guy looking to start the martial arts training company.

    I once took some Krav Maga lessons from a guy that used a city park for his training. I would think that it would be free.

    One thought on marketing would be to find some medium size offices and go offer one time orientation classes to the women in the office. Should not be too hard to put together 4-5 ladies in an office of 15-20 that would like to be exposed to a couple techniques to help keep them safe. Some of the offices probably have a conference room or two that could be used for the initial session and possible follow on private classes.

    Good luck with your endeavor.

  7. RE: Carmax

    Any car dealership CAN be “No Haggle.” Just walk in and offer full asking price. You’ll almost certainly have a pleasant experience.

    I’m unimpressed by Carmax’s prices. They do have clean vehicles, big lots, nice website with lots of honest (usually not photoshopped too bad) pictures, inexpensive shipping, etc. Often the vehicles are unlocked, so you can browse without a salesman. I’ve bought one vehicle from, sold two vehicles to Carmax, and browsed their lots for several more. It’s always been a pleasant experience. That said, I’ve found Carmax’s prices to be on par with, or higher than full asking price from most other dealerships.

    YMMV and all that.