Episode-2685- The Expert Council Show for 6-19-20 — 8 Comments

  1. You managed to lay that out without mentioning AynRand’s Atlas Shrugged.

  2. Congrats on 12 years your Jerk.

    Thanks for building TSP to be a movement for anyone willing to GSD.

    Enjoy the well earned vacation.

  3. Re: Masks in public

    With the alarming spread of use of facial recognition technologies, we may be very soon entering a time where wearing a mask all the time in public may not be quite as ridiculous as you make it out to be. Just ask a protestor in Hong Kong 😉

    In five years, wearing a mask during a protest that’s unpopular with the status quo in the US might mean the difference between keeping a job, your UBI check, or what have you…

  4. My brother got all four of his children to like reading 2 boys and 2 girls, by leveraging something every child wants to do… stay up past their bed time. He allowed his children an extra hour at bedtime if they were reading. He didn’t restrict their reading material, comics were even on the table, but it did have to be paper. Books, comics, news papers, computer print outs, what ever, just as long as they are reading, and he stuck with it. He found that making reading a privilege fostered very strong readers.

    The reason he did this is because he realized that when he was not under pressure he learned better, he is both ADD and dyslexic, and fought against reading his whole young life. He didn’t realize how much of a handicap it was until he tried to get a regular job, instead of working odd jobs. So he vowed to teach his kids the way that he thought would have worked for him, and it did.

  5. I am wondering if exposing a person to the Covid virus a little bit, (if that’s possible), would help them build immunity for future exposure? Do you think it’s possible to do, and if it is, how would a person go about doing it?

  6. RE: Real Estate Crash.

    Have been thinking about this a lot recently. This show was perfect timing. Wanted to get clarification/thoughts:

    Jack said that the real estate crash will begin in urban, densely-populated urban centers, like LA and Seattle first. Then, he contrasted the D/FW area in relation to those other areas. Will D/FW also get hit by a crash in the RE market? Will it be less severe than other areas? Or will D/FW continue to boom, as many will want to relocate here? Thanks for any input that anyone has.

    • Everyone will get hit, more stable markets like DFW not as hard but we had a pretty stupid run up recently, gotta have some pull back. Nothing like the coasts and Tech Cities though.