Episode-1594- Expert Council Questions and Answers 6-19-15 — 22 Comments

  1. In the history segment Jack reacts to my comment that “We thought we knew better” when wielding massive power. I am a grown man but I almost cried. Jack’s reaction was EXACTLY what I was thinking when I made that remark.

    In writing these history segments I do my best to leave room for more than one conclusion so that Jack has plenty of room to react. I don’t send him suggestions on how to react. He simply reacts.

    Thank you, Jack, for understanding.

    • Thanks for putting the segments together Alex. I know it’s a labor of love and I sure do enjoy them. Looking forward to listening to this one.

    • I second @Chris near AtlantaYeah

      Thank you Alex, every day when jack reads out the the choices i think ‘ man its cool this guy does that just for the love of it’.

      So thanks, they make me think every day.

  2. The 13 warriors

    Erica Strauss on making and flavoring yogurts. SUPER Awesome job. I need a goat now.

    Yep the china box. Some of the best pig I have had has been cooked in this box. Philippians uses the same tings.
    I looked it up. good prices. too. Thanks Keith Snow on roasting a whole pig.

    Nick Ferguson on propagating roses and saving potatoes for eating is all this fat Irish man needed.

    Jack this is better then the food network.

  3. Lets say one doesn’t have easy access to raw milk… is there a way to re-culture it? Say by adding Whey to it or something?

    • Hi Lukkas, I’m not sure, but since you mentioned culturing, I’m going to assume this is a yogurt question? It’s actually pretty tricky to make raw milk yogurt that sets up to a thick curd, and I do not use raw milk for my own yogurt.

      Almost all yogurt recipes call for an initial pasteurization of the milk to 180-degrees before cooling, then culturing the milk. There is two reasons for this. The first is so that the bacteria that culture the milk into yogurt don’t have to compete against other microbes that might be growing in the milk. The second is that heating the milk to 180 degrees changes the structure of the milk protein so that the final yogurt is thicker. So, unless one has a specific reason to only consume raw dairy, yogurt probably isn’t the place to throw down for 100% raw and I wouldn’t worry about it.

      In terms of the culturing itself, yogurt can be cultured one of two ways. You can either use a small amount of finished, plain yogurt, either your own homemade or from the store. This will inoculate the milk with the right lactic acid bacteria. Pick a yogurt with a flavor you like because the different LAB strains impart different flavors to the final yogurt. You can also buy powdered yogurt starters which are basically just dehydrated strains of the right bacteria. Some of these strains are single-use, so you’ll need to keep buying them, and some are heirloom, so once you establish them, you can keep using one batch of yogurt to inoculate the next batch. Think, instant yeast vs. sourdough bread starter – same idea.

      Hope this helps clarify. 🙂


      • I was actually more referring to bringing ‘life’ back into deadakapasteurized milk, because that’s what I can buy without driving thirty miles every time. There are times I’ll make the drive to get the raw milk, but it would be nice to have a secondary option.

        • Ah, I see. Well the basic answer is no. I know of no way to duplicate the original microbial profile of raw milk by adding to pasteurized milk. Traditional sour cream or creme fraiche cultures can be added to pasteurized milk to give products that are similar to what happens to raw milk naturally as it sours. It’s not exactly the same though, and there really isn’t any way to “re-raw” liquid milk.

  4. Jack, get a la Caja China, you will not regret it given your history of having large gatherings. My parents have one that I borrow occasionally and it is AWESOME at doing a whole hog. For those who may only use it once a year they may not be worth it, but if you like cooking for many folks they work great.

    A couple things:
    -the timing in the recipes is correct to get the pig cooked but if you like crispy skin, it’ll take another 30-60 min
    -inject a mojo sauce!!!!
    -if you don’t already have one (I expect you do) get a digital thermometer that’s on a cord like the link below. Using one is the ONLY way I make perfectly cooked chicken or turkey. I have had poor luck with the wireless ones, so I stick to the corded ones:

  5. (not yelling.. but in case anyone is suffering from this thought mistake)

    ‘The Government’ has no power to give to the people.

    ‘The Government’ is not the source of power, the people are.

    The power of ‘The Government’ is wholly power GIVEN to it by the people.

    This is the same ridiculousness as ‘the Government paid for..’ .. uh, yeah. The government CREATES NO VALUE, therefore the government has no money with which to pay for things. Again.. the PEOPLE created the value, and GAVE IT to the government.

    So to topple a government.. you don’t have to OVERPOWER it.. you simply have to stop GIVING IT power.

    Or to put it another way.. give your power to WHAT YOU WANT, not to what you DON’T want. Another way of saying this: give your ATTENTION to only what you want.. as what you focus on (pay attention to) GROWS.

    ‘But we have to pay attention to what THEY are doing.. or horrible things will happen!!!’

    Uh. No. Give me a single example, from your life, where ‘paying attention’ to the status quo has CHANGED the status quo in ANY measurable way. [zero impact]

    Counterpoint. I’m sure anyone can give me DOZENS of examples where paying attention to themselves, their families or their communities.. has resulted in SIGNIFICANT positive changes in the lives of themselves, and their loved ones.

    I would challenge anyone to give me an example where paying attention to ANYTHING outside of their circle of influence has resulted in a measurable positive change in their lives.

    • I believe this whole heartingly now. “Paying attention to….” is how one gives power. It just drives me nuts.

      I had to admit to myself fully that until the last 2 years, I was still looking for top down solutions. Somebody else to make choices that would positively impact my life, which is exceptionally silly especially when I know people who don’t know me, could careless about me.

      In fact to many people who are “so focused on the problems of today” I’m probably just another number, and another part of the “over-population problem”.

  6. With the rose and tater thing. Last year I dropped an oak tree and missed my mark by a few inches… hitting one of wifey’s roses.

    She had seen the tater thing and tried it. Rose died but we grew a few taters! Just one real world experience.

  7. Thanks Nick Ferguson for answering my question. I saw that on Facebook, and thought that was probably a really good way to get potato plants, and dead rose sticks. LOL.

    But, I figured it was worth a shot to see what Nick thought.

    Thanks, again.

  8. I just seen a billboard for Old Grouches when I was in I40 the other day. I didn’t realize how close I was to them or I would have stopped in and said hi. I wonder if Mr Tim is usually in there?

  9. “Now we’re told that the american dream is go to college get a good job with benefits.”

    I had an absolutely uncontrolled reaction to this statement by saying out loud…
    “GOD I’m so sick of hearing that sh__”.

  10. So pumped to see Geoff Lawton on the expert council, this is like the best all star team ever.