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  1. Re:Growing cannabis outdoors

    If you’re planning to use your plant for good buds, you will need to sex your plants. Only females produce buds. A single male plant will pollinate your females and your bud will go to seed.

    If one of your neighbours has a male plant growing, they could ruin your buzz.

  2. Re: Ivermectin

    There is no Ivermectin to be found ANYWHERE in Mongolia, which is a shame given how bad the spread is here right now. And since the gov’t here is taking most of their direction from WHO advisors, Ivermectin is unlikely to ever be brought in. Fortunately the demographic is very young here.

    This stupid bug has spread through much of our family this past couple of weeks. Ivermectin COULD have meant the difference between my wife’s parents just spending a week taking it easy at home instead of having to stay at the hospital w/pneumonia. Thankfully, the only symptoms I’m having are slight headache, somewhat stuffy nose, and partial loss of smell. Vitamin D and Quercetin w/zinc seem to be doing the trick for me better than my wife’s parents. Almost a week in and I’m finding my personal Sars-Cov-2 experience to be a total snoozefest to be honest (and I’m an unvaccinated man in my mid-40’s not some teenager or 20-something). If it weren’t for the risk of spreading it, I’d be out right now running errands and shit as usual… 😉

    • Hey so are you on Q and zinc now that you have CoVid or were you on it before as I recommend. If before what where you doing?

      Did you include high dose D3, K2 as well. Where you on copper along with the zinc as I recommend. And what of vitamin C?

      Your relations doing worse what are they on exactly and what were they on prior to testing positive?

      I have yet to hear from a single person who was on the full program that got covid with any real symptoms. A few did test positive and have effectively a mild cold, really mild but that has been it.

      I would really like to know exactly what you were and are doing here.

      • adding my two cents here —

        I have been taking Q and Zinc ( and mushroom ) since you first mentioned it. I was not taking copper till recently.

        I was taking 10k D3 and k2 for some time before cov2 hit the family.

        When it hit the household – I made the older child start taking Q and Zinc and the wife added Zinc ( she was already taking Q with me ).

        I immediately started an inhaled corticosteroid ( I keep a stock of it as I have suffered from asthma ). But other then that – I almost never get sick.

        Everyone doubled their typical dr recommend D3 intake and added K2 (mk4+mk7) — and then to her credit, our pediatrician said to tipple the kids D3 intake and we have not stopped that regiment.

        The wife got some sinus headaches early on – then a small fever on and off for a week and ended with a small cough and some tightness in her chest.

        The older child, 14, felt crappy for a week. Headache, soar throat, fever on and off, no real issues though.

        The youngest child under 2 — had a fever one night – gone with tylenol and never came back. Had a runny nose the second day — nothing else.

        I started with aches like a flu – moved onto a really bad hang over – then a cough that lingered a couple of days. I also had large body temperature swings from 96 to 104. It was the absolute strangest illness I ever experienced and I felt like garbage for a week and was exhausted for a week after.

        That all said — if I was not following the Q/Z regime – and had I not known to start the inhaled steroid — I believe I would have suffered worse.

        side note: the 14 year old had a reaction to the mk7 like you described with the mrs. – since then we have switched to the mk4 only

      • Sorry for the delay… I thought I’d clicked to be notified of followup comments, but maybe I forgot. Good thing I clicked on this old tab!

        Anyway, since the stash of Quercetin I had brought over had to potentially last for the whole extended family (it’s not as easy to find locally here), I was NOT on Q and zinc beforehand. I WAS taking 4000 IU’s of D3 and 1000mg vitamin C daily beforehand, though. The zinc I had did not have the copper compound with it (again with local availability issues). And as soon as I tested positive, I started using the Zelenko protocol, minus the HCQ or Ivermectin, for low risk patients:

        The wife’s parents were only on vitamin D3 beforehand (same 4000IU daily as me I think), and they are both overweight and in their 70’s. We got them taking the Quercetin and the rest of the Zelenko protocol for high risk patients as soon as they told us about their symptoms, which was probably a couple days into it. Unfortunately, one of them had trouble keeping things down so they probably didn’t get nearly as much Quercetin & zinc into the system as was ideal. One had had the first Astrazeneca jab, and the other had both of the Sinopharm Chinese vaccine jabs. Oh BTW, that stuff you may have read about the Chinese vaccines not helping a whole lot? Yeah it may be propaganda, but so far it seems to be propaganda based on some truth. Local sentiment is not too happy with China or their vaccines.

        As for summarizing my Covid experience now that it’s through? It was pretty much a non-event… almost just as you describe, a really mild cold. The (very) slight headache and mildly stuffy nose lasted maybe 3 or 4 days, and the loss of smell was only partial and came back in under a week. If it weren’t for the partial loss of smell, I could easily have chalked it up to allergies. I’ve had regular SEASONAL COLDS that hit me a lot harder than this. I stayed on the Quercetin & zinc for a week after symptoms went away, and I still take the D3 & vitamin C like before. Lastly… I have no idea if this played any part or not, but when exposed I was in maybe the 2nd week of the keto diet, keeping under 30g of carbs daily. I just stayed on it the whole time. So not only did I kick Covid’s ass, I’m 10 pounds lighter since then too. Now THAT is a long-haul symptom I won’t complain about… 🙂

  3. Re growing cannabis outside. I agree with everything in the podcast if you’re shooting for quantity. However if you’re shooting for quality I’d recommend…

    Planter and plant size:
    Smaller, to an extent, is better. A 5-10gal container, or better yet a grow bag, and a 3-5′ plant you can actually manage/tend/trim. Also consider a wicking bed/container for more stable soil moisture regulation. Something like the Earthbox Root & Veg container is a nice ready made option. Also consider training the plant to grow wide to help with airflow vs simply trimming potentially productive branches. Cannabis can be bent/trained quite easily.

    You must protect the plant from pests, especially caterpillars. You can use BT, but really try to limit any spraying for pests. You’re better off tenting with some sort of screen or fine bird netting. Something as simple as a large umbrella frame (just the frame) draped with fine bird netting will do wonders for best control.

    Start with good soil as recommended in this episode, but be ready to juice it up a bit with some additional nutrients like Garden of Eden blend (cannabis specific) from It is labeled as hydroponic but works just fine in containers/soil.

    Beyond that read-read-read about the nuances of growing cannabis. For example, they are very sensitive to day/night light ratios. If you start outdoors at the wrong time of year, you’re pretty much wasting your time.

  4. a thought on the privacy concerns and using a prepaid phone and such

    You are still using “their” network. So as John mentioned, your meta data is still being collected and I would not be surprised for one second if they also had voice recognition capabilities as well.

    Even if they don’t though, they can still geo-locate you either by GPS or via their own signal, one of the great things about 5G. They also still know what wifi networks you join, what sites you login to, your calling patterns.

    They can still identify that this phone belongs to you.

    I am sure it’s possible to use cell phones with complete anonymity — but you would have to take more into account then just the billing aspect.

  5. I can buy Ivermectin 15 mg pills here in the Philippines at the drug store.