Episode-2025- Expert Council Q&A for 6-16-17 — 18 Comments

  1. Question for Charles the mechanic, Just wondering why does the auto industry and yourself opt for fitting the switch on the ground side of the electrical circuit (ground switching) ?

    I have always fitted the switch on the positive + side, (live switching) my thinking been that when the switch is off then more of the wiring is dead thus safer and less of a fire risk from say a rat chewing the wiring in the night.

  2. Can anyone explain to me what does Darby Simson mean by the term Brush Hogging ?

    Could it mean using Pigs to uproot and eat Brush, Briars and Scrubs?

    I am in Europe where Google describes Brush Hogging as a type of music of African origin !

  3. Question for Jack:
    Who exactly are the miners within the Crypto world and who appoints them and who is their boss ?

    For example, Lets say Little Johnie wants to become a Crypto Miner, who does Johnie send his CV to ?

    • Okay I will answer this on Monday but a Geico commercial springs to mind where one lady says to the other, “that’s not how this works, that’s not how any of this works”.

      Anyone can mine, anyone with the knowledge and hardware.

      • Correct me if I’m wrong, but my understanding is that the “miners” are being compensated with coins (or small fractions) for allowing the block chain to use the “miners” computational power. So anyone with the right software and hardware can mine. Because of the inherent design of the blockchain, there is no way for someone to hijack or cheat the system.

  4. Jack, I think you and Vince are mistaken. They way I read that bill it doesn’t say if a company uses block chain they are exempt from ANY regulations or licenses of any kind, it means that they can’t regulate, or impose taxes or fees on thing directly related to block chain use. So they can’t tax you extra for using block chain or make you have a license to use block chain. So it’s not as extreme as what you and Vince thought but still very powerful for those who can use it properly. Thanks.

    • Your Interpretation is pretty close to what I got from looking over the law. My understanding is that there cannot be any tax on block chain transactions, and also no special license or fees can be levied.

      I don’t think it would free a business/individual from any of the other state / local regulations.

  5. In jacks take on the history segment, he quantifies how much oppressiondifferent types of govt impose upon the citezenry, but he doesnt include HOAS. Where do you folks sée the HOAS fitting in on the oppression scale?

    • I have covered it before but it is the highest and the smaller the more oppression and here is why.

      Every HOA member is already subject to Federal, State, County and Local Laws. So anything the HOA mandates is in addition to those. So the smaller body of government is always the most oppressive until said body begins to defy larger bodies and says, our people can ____ and we will protect them from you.

      No HOA has ever done this.

      • Yes, i can remember several times when you have mentioned that, now that you mention it.

  6. When you talk about transferring credit card balances, it is worthy to mention that there are often balance transfer fees which the new credit card company will charge and then it is possible to pay more in balance transfer fees than you would have paid in interest. Also, especially if you have A discover card it is worth a call to customer service to find out if you can get the late fees interest etc. reversed. I have had personal success with having them get reversed.

    • Oh there are plenty that offer no fees if transferred in the first 90 days, etc. As always read the fine print of course.

  7. A note on food allergies (I and my daughter have several with autoimmune, genetic mutations and heart issues).

    I would highly suggest when reintroducing the foods that Gary suggested removing, that you only introduce one food at a time every few days and keep a journal. This helped us figure out some of our intolerance’s, an intolerance is not always an immediate reaction like a allergy. Also, sometimes the system is so inflamed it seems you are struggling with every food but once the offender(s) are removed other items are consumed much easier. There is a food families list available for you to download (free) once you go through your elimination process and discover your triggers. I don’t want to overwhelm you with it now but some foods you would never think are related are and they can sometimes cause a reaction (mangos and cashews or bananas and latex). With the raw fruit it could also be the wax coating put on them (some use dairy whey in the coating).

    Good luck, Gary’s advice was very similar to what we received about five years ago and it changed our lives. I know it will be hard to give up all that food but it will be worth it.

  8. On converting overgrowth to pasture:

    Goats + chainsaw as needed. 3 years of goat pressure on multiflora rose = dead rose bushes. Less with other thorn bushes. They will ride down small saplings up to about an inch diameter.

    If older saplings or too thick, hire someone with a skid steer mounted saw, shear, or forestry mulcher and follow up with goats.

    Transition out of goats to cattle as pasture improves.

    Also take soil samples and lime if needed. pH could be out of whack.

    I’ve done this on about 6 acres so far (young timber with overgrown brush). 20 in process, 130 acres I haven’t started yet (fencing and herd size). Massive improvement in grass stand as well as value of remaining timber.