Episode-2236- Expert Council Q&A for 6-12-18 — 7 Comments

  1. The Coonan (not Conan) 🙂 is a great running 1911 style pistol.  I unfortunately haven’t been able to justify buying one (it is always at the top of my list though) but i have shot quite a few, some rentals that don’t get cleaned often and i have never seen a malfunction.  It is a nice shooting pistol.  Coonan also makes a compact .357 and standard .45acp or 10mm.  And I’d spend the $ on that before ANY Kimber.  Problem with the Coonan is they’re not 6″ and some states require a 6″ barrel for hunting.

    If you want a nice 1911 for hunting or otherwise you should take a look at Dan Wesson.  The 6″ Bruin comes in 45 or 10mm and it is a wonderful pistol (also at the top of my list – even above the Coonan).
    A Bruin and a lever gun in 10mm would be a sweet hunting combo!

    You could also check out mechtech (, they have conversions for 1911, glock and others that convert your pistol receiver to a carbine in the same or a compatible caliber.

  2. The best herbal diuretic I have found is sunflower leaf tea. Not as long lasting as perscription, but close in action to perscription.

  3. Another possibility for a 1911 / lever gun combo is 45ACP.  It’s being done for SASS Wild Bunch competition to allow the same ammo to be used in their 1911 and rifle. They run them fast and hard with tougher parts and short stroke kits installed. This guy converts `73s chambered for 45 Colt to 45 ACP for a quarter of the cost of Ranger Point (then again he cuts and re-chambers the existing barrel, rather than giving you a new Douglas one):

    I’ve handled a couple of his rifles at State matches and they are smooth – almost confusingly smooth.

  4. After listening to the show, I went to order the battery chargers Steven recommended. Lo and behold, the Powerex (his fovorite one, which was nowhere to be found) was available on Amazon so I bought it. Just came in yesterday. I got the new ones he recommended as well. If you still want the one he has been recommending for a while, you can get it now. Good luck.