Episode-1998- Expert Council Q & A for 5-5-17 — 11 Comments

  1. Hey Southpaw Ben I work across campus thought I was the only one who listens to TSP on this campus!

  2. they have been adding letters for years. LGBTTQQIAAP has been used by some for 3-5 years.
    Wesleyan University’s housing put forth LBTTQQFAGPBDSM in 2015, while frowning on male-only fraternities, but stopped using it.

    • But it isn’t given equal time, it is oppressed by the whit patriarchy of salt.

  3. Hey Darby
    In reference to you answer on Bovine parasite pressure. How much D.E would you put with a pound of Supplemental feed i.e Calf meal ?
    Thanks for all you do

  4. I listened to your segment where you talked about SJW’s, women in the 70’s etc. and a couple of things struck me- firstly, both groups are not monolithic cohesive entities. Women in the 70’s (and some men) marched and fought for the things you mention, but many only wanted some of the things you describe, not all. To paint them all as being of the same mindset and marching in lockstep, is too simplistic.
    Same with SJW’s- not all march for the same things, some support one, some another. To some of the conservative so called alt-right, anyone who believes in equality and freedom of opportunity for whites and blacks, or for men and women, or even drug law reform, can be and sometimes is labelled an SJW.

    Jack the redneck duckfarmer SJW…does it have a ring to it? 😉

    Also, on the Gen X protesters against the world bank; what struck me was you did not comment on media bias – they are not likely to want to show folks talking knowingly about World Bank policies and actions (boring for viewers); it suits them far better to show numbnuts who don’t know squat and look silly when they spout off. Makes much better TV.

    It is also too easy to write all the protestors off as students- but some took time off work, or came out of working hours. There is always a core group of students/unemployed etc beloved of the media, because the protestor stereotype sells column inches and clicks; boring old folks popping in after 5 pm after work don’t generate that media traffic.

    Love your stuff; it’s your teachings which makes me question what the media shows us, and also question when folks throw in murky all encompassing generalities like ‘SJW’, ‘Liberal’ and ‘Conservative.’

    • Sorry that dog doesn’t hunt. Yes the 70s feminists wanted all the things I listed, all of them. Did every person marching want all of them, fuck no, but that is a ridiculous standard. Those were the key demands of those organizing the marches.

      SJWs, they are all fucking morons, the media doesn’t point that out, only the alt media, the main stream protects these idiots. Anyone wanting to force others to use a fucking gender neutral pronoun is a fucking moron, no further discussion is warranted.

      Redneck Duckfarmer is what I call myself, in fact Red Neck Hippy Duck Farmer, call me a SJW to my face and I might just bitch slap you.

      These people are all fucking idiots today and the core are PAID protestors by shit fucks like George Soros.

      • Ill just add I was in Seattle during those protests and I talked to plenty of those kids, none of them knew a fucking thing about why they were really there none of them.

        Lastly SJW is not a title we gave the current idiots, they proudly gave it to themselves.