Episode-2212- Expert Council Q&A for 5-4-18 — 3 Comments

  1. Thanks Ben for answering my question. I was pretty much on the side of buying more GPU’s for new rigs already, but I wanted another opinion on the ASIC issue and mining potential of other coins from someone more knowledgeable before plunking down that much cash. Buying the components for two more rigs with 6 GPU’s each is a lot of cheddar to spend (for me anyway) without getting another opinion ;). But now I’ve got the process down for building the rig and optimizing the GPU’s, I want to make use of that skill while the opportunity is good. And as for Casper, that almost seems like the awesome game sequel that keeps getting promised but always seems to get pushed back… but you probably are right that the EVENTUAL implementation of Casper will make the ASIC issue irrelevant.

    Oh and yes, that is Mongolia the country… I used to comment and write in as Nick in Colorado, but since I moved that needed to be changed. As far as I know I’m the only listener here other than my wife, but Jack probably has the stats to tell you if there’s more than one 🙂

  2. Agreed with Darby about separation of sows and feeder/butcher hogs.  Protein is the highest $ portion of a feed mix.  Just costs money feeding high protein feed to sows.  Two pens is really the way to go.

    The ONE thing that may work is if you have big sows.  We have used a gate with vertical slats to sort feeder pigs roughly by size.  If sized right, this allows feeder pigs access to a secondary feed area that sows can’t get to.  Now this has to be STOUT (Welded steel or 2x full dimension Oak) to work and even then will only work so long until your butcher hogs are about the same size as sows widthwise.

    On potato towers, I liked it from the ease of harvest perspective (heavy clay soil if grown in ground).  Now that I am on a larger piece of ground and have a tractor, that is how I would go, but hard to economically justify growing potatoes at the moment…, but I do miss the taste of them…

    FYI, tires make good towers when you cut the sidewalls out.  Car tire sidewalls can be cut out with a box knife, but a Sawzall with a couple drilled starter holes makes life much easier.  If you can get used low profile tires, even better as you don’t really have sidewalls!  DON’T do what I did and get semi tires.  Semi tires have steel reinforced sidewalls and are a BEAR to cut out even with a Sawzall.