Episode-2012- Expert Council Q & A for 5-26-17 — 15 Comments

  1. Loved Steven’s rant, but I have a question.
    If they invested so many millions of dollars into the 1996 Grand Cherokee, who was the engineer that decided to run the condensator drain hose into the frame, instead of leaving it open to the outside? The official way to clear it now is to drill a 1/4 inch hole in the condensator and shove a coat hanger through. If that doesn’t work you can have the whole system taken out and cleaned, or cut away sections of the frame to get to it. Neither of those options worked for me, so I just took a hammer and banged a section of the floor to a lower point and drilled a hole in the floor so the water would drain.
    I work in automobile manufacturing, and I always said that my dream job would be to sit behind a design engineer and smack him upside the head everytime he designed something stupid like that. LOL
    I realize that cars are designed so that they can be manufactured easier and quicker, but it might be nice if they had a regular service mechanic look at the designs, since he will be the guy having to figure out how to do a repair on the vehicle. I’ve seen cars that in order to just change a serpentine belt you have to almost pull the entire engine…

    • I think he said that money was invested in the motor, not the vehicle. Sounds like a govt excuse to me. LOL

  2. millions invested in developing a vehicle but recalls are still issued like candy. engineers are great, but if you’ve worked in the automotive industry for very long it becomes painfully clear that good engineering gets pushed aside by executives looking to save a buck.

    to the point, there are plenty of good mods that can be done to automobiles, but like anything else you have to know what you’re doing.

  3. Quit effi’n with your vehicles:

    The thing that Mr.1234 is leaving out is that those engineers were tasked with developing a vehicle within the confines of federal regulations that also appeals to the widest range of people possible and at the same time do it within a manufacturing cost that will lead to a profit. Nearly a “one size fits all” mentality. Yes, for the most part they have done a wonderful job at accomplishing that task but our wants and needs are not all the same. So here comes the aftermarket industry, and to imply that because they are not engineers at the “Big Three,” they are not qualified to do what they are doing is just absurd. Yes, many are not qualified but at the same time some are far more qualified. The name Gale Banks comes to mind. The automotive and marine industries have been following him since the 60’s. Yes, many of the modifications can be detrimental to your vehicle and many of the products are junk but some are very good products that enhance both performance and reliability for certain requirements. Airbag suspension and transmission kits for towing, properly designed suspension kits for off road. Jeep Rubicon and Ford Raptor used many of these aftermarket parts we had been using for years. And finally we get to “chips.” Yes some are crap that will destroy your motor and transmission but others are just plain superior to the stock programing in efficiency and reliability by being able to tailor the parameters to the specific requirements, especially when the other recommended modifications have been done.

    • By the way, my 200,000+ mile Duramax is bone stock for most of the reasons Steven pointed out.

  4. Millions invested in fine tuning a car engine which becomes out of date in a few years, no wonder cars are so dear and over priced. It’s a sick state that does that and then spends billions more on military killing machines to invade and drop bombs on and murder the natives of poor countries where children starve. Still an enjoyable rant by Steve and thanks for informing us on this imoral waste of resources by the disgusting car motor industry.

  5. So in a nut shell….Steve is saying because Pfizer spends a billion dollars and 1 million man hours to bring a new drug to market you can’t possibly effectively treat yourself with something from your back yard.

    They make the best motor they can within the government mould. That doesn’t mean an individual can’t refine it. And wasn’t the father of the diesel engine a backyard tinkerer? The theory predates the modern manufacturing process so how or what Go does is really moot.

  6. I think, instead of beating up on Stephen Harris, the lesson we should be learning is that even the best of us can fall into the collective mentality trap that has been laid for us. After generations of programing, thinking outside those bounds takes vigilance, periodic introspection and sometimes a little help from our friends.

    • I personally think in this case Harris is both wrong and right.

      There are engines that can be tweaked and made better and there are engines that everything you do to tweak them makes them worse. It isn’t all or nothing. My real hope was that it gave everyone a good laugh.

  7. You asked for examples of valedictorians being in charge of their own lives, so here’s one. My dad graduated from Kittanning High School at the top of his class, attended Allegheny JC, and graduated from Dartmouth College Magna cum Laude with a degree in Civil Engineering. With the post-WWII recesssion, there were no construction jobs in the northeast, so he went to work in the oilfields of West Texas. When I was 5, he moved us to Libya, where he started Intairdril, an oilfield service company. 13 years later he sold it to the parent company of his largest competitor, because the parent was tired of Intairdril winning every bid that they both went for.

    • That is awesome but I don’t know if it applies to TODAY. Why? Your dad is from the WWII generation, schooling at the time did prepare people for the world they were entering. It was a different world.

      I think this is great I am even going to put it on air but it seems to more support my view of the current system than refute it.

      Also think about the fact that a valedictorian went to JC first at this time. Wow talk about a different mentality than we have today.

      Something else I have noticed in the past 5 graduations I had to do family duty and sit through, all the valedictorians were not just headed to top (expensive) schools so were the salutatorians as well. And they were all Asians. I am talking 10 for 10.

      Now not putting anyone down but if you want to see conformity go look at the child of “Tiger Mom”.

      The system is different today and so is the reality of the market and I think the two are further apart than ever. I think in your dad’s day it was simply everyone did their best and got the best grade they could. Today students actually structure things to be a valedictorian or at the top 10, etc. They specifically select courses to meet this agenda.

      In 1950 if you were top of the class it was like, great job, what are you going to do next. It wasn’t a goal set in 4th grade for the specific purpose of getting into a great college.

      • Agreed. When Dad graduated HS, one went to college to prepare for a job. He wanted to be an engineer, and the quickest way there was college. At the time, one just had to pass the certification test, so experience could provide the education. If one took a liberal arts course, either that one was a trust fund baby, or was planning to teach. (I’m trying to bring back the impersonal pronoun. Down with ze/zer/zip or whatever it is.)

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    • My contention is far different from Steve’s which is fine.

      My contention is that some vehicles do not respond well to having any sort of electronic modifications made, others do.

      That with this in mind some motors (especially diesels) that have bad reputations, said reps are unwarranted. Again my truck springs to mind, while I found dozens or claims that the motor was a problem child, every actual example went back to someone “chipping it to improve it”.

      In the end I think in general it is a pointless process. It will either do nothing, give an “improvement” that while real serves no real world purpose, (such as if the 308 came first, someone making the 30-06 second and saying it is better. The claim while true means NOTHING in how the round performs its job, it isn’t like changing the 308 into a 300 Weatherby Magnum) but this is the type of improvement claimed by yohos that chip trucks. The final option is it fucks things up.

      In the end it is your vehicle if you want to screw with the electronics go ahead but if you are researching a vehicle and all actual problems lead back to someone “improving the electronics”, don’t do it unless you are well, retarded.