Episode-2226- Expert Council Q&A for 5-25-18 — 9 Comments

  1. Steven Harris mentioned adding relay to a UPS which then connected to 800AH batteries. What kind of relay? Would love to hear to details of this. Thanks.

  2. Steve and Jack,


    I have tried an UPS plugged into an UPS in the past and this did not work.

    Now – it was probably 20 years ago and I do not remember the model number of the two I tried it with but they were both APC. The second UPS staying on backup power it would never charge.

    So I tried this again using an APC BackUPS XS-1500 plugged into an APC ES-740 and it WORKS!

    So — it might be a thing of the past or it might be model dependant – just something to keep in mind – curious if you have ever seen that.

    Thanks for all that you do Steve!


  3. Steven Harris mentioned using a UPS with a relay and  800AH “super batteries”.  This sounded like a combination of a UPS and a Steven Harris Battery Bank and I’d love to know more about how this works. Sounds like a great way to extend the run time of a UPS. Thanks.

  4. Another choice for the .223 TROY gun that the caller asked about is the REMINGTON 7615, which is basically a 20 gauge 870 in .223, that takes ar15 magazines.  Any many aftermarket parts like stocks from the 870 will fit.  Sort of a 7600 / 870 love child.  And it’s not as “threatening” looking, since he voiced that as a concern.  Plus the ergonomics of a pump shotgun are familiar to most gun owners, vs a pump AR-15.  He probably has an 870 already (just based on popularity) so he already has 70% of the manual of arms.

  5. Daisy chained UPS will probably not work for most models of UPS. The modified sine wave out of the first UPS will be seen as dirty power and cause the downstream UPS to switch to battery power. That is what happened the last time I tried ot.

  6. The vast majority of UPS’s are PURE SINE WAVE, NOT modified sine wave.  They are all about instant switching and reliability and you cant do that with modified sine wave.   With the way people read crap on the net and pitch a fit about modified sine wave and electronics (all false) what type of crap do you think the UPS company would get if they were not pure sine wave.??


    • Hi Steve! 🙂

      Thank you for that follow up! That’s probably what the issue was. I’m going back probably, 20 or 25 years! My God when did I get old enough to say that!

      Thanks Mr Harris!

      P.s. I have a ton of tuna cans if you still want them.

  7. Is Thermapen the probe you alluded to?  After lousy service from a couple of those cheap probe thermometers, I took the plunge on a Thermapen.  Reads instantly, accurate, built solid.  If you claim to like to cook, THIS is the tool you want