Episode-2446- Expert Council Q&A for 5-24-19 — 3 Comments

  1. Regarding low margin reselling….I would also checkout

    EBAY Local Classifieds

    LETGO (App)


  2. Teaching Chemistry a Home.

    Something that just happened in our town. Guy was distilling essential oils, using some chemistry looking lab equipment. His landlord thought he was cooking meth and called the cops. SWAT kicked in his door and tore up his house, HAZMAT unit came in and packed up his essential oils. It was all over the news.
    Ends up he had some personal use pot so he was charged for that and everything else is kind of going away at this point.

  3. Reselling:I run into the same issue on buying lots at auction to get one item…Will do good getting or reselling the better stuff, but left with a lot of small almost junk.We’re rural area as well.7 miles from town and 1.5 miles from a paved road…

    On Craigslist you can click the “link to other ads” before you publish.  This will put another button on the ad that will link to a CL search page that shows all your listed ad that are linked. Worst case, there is only one link to share.

    FB Marketplace will show all your other ads if people know to click on your name after they click on your ad, at least on a PC.  Not sure if it works on mobile as there are features available on a PC that aren’t on FB Marketplace mobile.  Ads don’t expire, but fall off the cliff unless you change the price to bump back up again.

    I am thinking real hard about a periodic “garage sale” where I also push a bunch of ads out at once and include image of the garage sale.This would be run while working on something else (garden, making craft items, etc.).I plan to price most things with colored stickers instead of prices with a decoder sheet.Anything a certain color that doesn’t sell, has the price on that color dropped next time.Still not sure if it will be worth it even then is my hesitation.

    Biggest thing is good pictures and be honest about defects.If someone drives a ways and it’s in worse shape than they expected… angry person.If you are honest, they often come back.

    I also offer to meet people in town after work or over lunch.I don’t go out of my way though as have had to many people consider it like “window shopping” instead of “completing the transaction” or else want to renew negotiations on price.

    As to if it’s worth it, keep a spreadsheet.Has helped me a lot.If nothing else a few bucks and talking to people is better to me than being a couch potato. 😉